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sh*t happens

fuzz buzz

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ugly child (alien more like) was born in easterhouse over a 12 years ago, stats:ugly mum,dead dad,only good thing about him.............nothing. no cloth fit him also a fat bas(over 20 stone in my eyes). has stuiped neddy friend who is also him in a disformed manner.stays in drab house pretendes to do tricks on skateboard that are also not real duh.........his name i dont f****ing know hes a no body.dont know why i just spent 20mins writing the s**t hahahahahahahahahahahah

oh yea because i hate him


:die:  :die:  :beerhat:  :beerhat:  :beerhat:

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I think you may have the wrong forum, fuzz. That has absolutely nothing to do with Vice City.


*hits report button*


I don't think this even belongs in GTAForums.


You won't last long here if you continue like that!



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Slaps him!!



Messiah To The Animals


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