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Hydra not thrusting upward


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Hey, guys

I was recently playing GTA San Andreas for a nostalgic feeling but I got stuck on the mission Vertical Bird. The Hydra doesn't seem to thrust upward or downwards. I tried changing the controls from num keys to actual qwerty ones but It still doesn't work. My Operating software is Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.


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This is the one time I suggest Cheating.

Before you attempt the mission, try JUMPJET to spawn the Hydra, then you may practice flying without the pressures of the mission.

DON'T Save.




After practice when doing the actual mission:

1. Blow up Jet in the hanger deck and on the Port side lift. You now will have only one Chase jet to deal with. (Note: you can destroy the one on the Flight deck (all three) but the game will crash. The game requires one enemy jet to continue the mission.)

2. Take the Jet on the fantail lift.

3. Rotate the jet when it reaches the flight deck to face forward.

4. Put the plane in forward flight mode.

5. Take off, Raise landing gear.

6. Climb, until conversation starts.

7a. OPTION: Put jet in hover mode and spin pressing the targeting key and firing the Rockets alternately while spinning, until the Chase Jet is destroyed.

7b. OPTION: Land (put the landing gear down) under the bridge. The Chase Jet will crash into the bridge.

8a. OPTION: Attack the boats with the Jet.

8b. OPTION: land (put the landing gear down) the jet on the runway at the Verdant Meadows, then drive or fly the Hunter 'copter to the lake.

9. Destroy the boats with the Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, or any other weapon.

10. Return to the Aerodrome and taxi the Hydra into the marker.

11. Collect the 50,000$ and save.

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lil Weasel, thank you very much for your reply. I did try doing that, but it turns out that I simply can't thrust upwards. It's as if the num keys are not working. But they are. They work when I use a helicopter. I believe, that the problem is within the game.

Thank you

Edited by Niko_Bellic124
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Only other thing I can think of, You do raise the landing gear (if you can lift that little bit)

It is presumed that you did not install Any Mods, mods have been known to cause seemingly unrelated problems.

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The Hydra never "thrusts" upwards, unless it's upside down I suppose. It'll thrust at an angle between downwards and backwards to produce lift and forward motion. Sorry, I'm not trying to harass you on word choice, just clarify the problem.


The default position for a new Hydra should produce downwards thrust. I can see you getting stuck hovering in the air if it was a control issue. I have no idea why a Hydra would be stuck full tilt forward. Please clarify your observations.


I doubt this is an issue but just in case... Many keyboards can't handle too many keys being pressed at the same time. This is an issue with driving school but I haven't heard of problems with Hydras.


IIRC, the Hydra's tilt control uses the same control scheme as the other vehicles with moving parts. Can you work the extra controls on a towtruck, tractor, forklift, dumper or... dozer?

Edited by OrionSR
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Thank you very much for your reply. I'll try to clear out the confusion to the best of my abilities. Every time I try to fly the jet, the NUM2 and NUM8 doesn't do anything at all. All other controls work just fine. W, A, S, D, the arrow key, space bar and alt key, everything works fine. Although, the Num keys work fine with the helicopter. I tried restoring the controls to their default settings, but No luck. I don't have any mods installed either. I hope that made it clear.

Thank you

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Does the Hydra start with thrusters pointed backwards? Because... that would be odd.

Can you still control the forklifts forks like you did for Robbing Uncle Sam? (Is the problem the controls or the Hydra?)


Added for clarification:


Are the Hydra's jets visually pointed downwards when spawned with a cheat?

When CJ gets in and doesn't change anything, does accelerating make the Hydra go forward or up?

Are the jets pointing in a direction that corresponds to the expected movement?


I suspect you think you've already answered these questions but each involves a specific observation. Please indulge me.

Edited by OrionSR
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Do you have your controls set to Joypad rather than Keyboard + Mouse? That messes with how right stick is mapped to keyboard, maybe here lies your issue.

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Hydra has 2 flying modes, one mode it controls like a normal plane, second mode it controls like helicopter. During "Vertical Bird" you need to switch between these modes according to circumstance. (Jet mode for gaining altitude, long flights and helicopter mode for destroying enemy planes, landing). Default key to switch flight mode is 2, not NUM2.


You should read glenster's gamefaq - he describes in detail how hydra works and some tips for "Vertical Bird".



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