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Your favorite Windows system


Recommended Posts

Server 2012 R2 FTW.

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From the nostalgic standpoint Windows 2000 has to be my favourite. Upgrading from the notoriously unstable Windows 98 was like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately when Windows XP came out, third party support for 2000 began to stop and in the end that's what killed that OS for me.


As of now, I use Windows 10 and I'm totally fine with it.

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

In terms of stability and performance, XP Service Pack 2. Windows 95/98 are good too, because muh nostalgia.

Edited by Plank.
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Cant decide between xp or 7, but 10 is good too, but too much 8.1 leftovers in 10 and i believe it has privacy problems or as far as i remember there's been all over internet that it's apparently a spyware, so i may have made a mistake when i installed it on my laptop. But nothing happened

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The bootleg one :p


I have windows 10 but it keeps asking me to enter key, I just ignore it lol I guess im using the free version I did download it on there websites.i know I'll have to buy it some time in the future but I do like it the best so far.

Edited by deadx23
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Windows 10 for me. It's been reliable, quick, responsive. Updates have been fine. I've had no issues with it except once which I believe was an issue I created. I needed to re-install but, I could download it from Microsoft and launch it off a USB so it was very easy to do. There hasn't been anything about it that bugged me or that I complained about. And my system hasn't seemed to slow down over time as it would before. It boots up quick and I'm good to go.

Edited by Mister Pink
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xp for classics nostalgia, 7 for older machines and 10 enterprise ltsb for everything else

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Windows 10. I had very few problems with it, works fast to me, it has a ton of features and gets regular meaningful improvements twice an year. Plus, it has nice smartphone integration with Cortana, plus it seems like it'll be improved even more on that matter on the next update.


Perhaps the only problems with it are that you get ads by default even if you bought it (opposed to the free upgrade) - but well, you can always disable all of them - and the inconsistent design and settings divided across different control menus.

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