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Recommended Posts

Welcome Bikers and Role Players, we are The Sons of Anarchy.

Over the past years there have been many many "Sons of Anarchy" branded Groups and Clubs, but none like us, we are a full committed Club. We take motorcycle clubs to the next level, With Charters, ride outs and ranks! This is not Roleplay, it's a lifestyle. Don't join the club then turn up in a Sultan RS, this is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB. MOTORCYCLE. If your not about bike life, don't join. Once you join, you will be in a brotherhood, we will protect each other and ride with each other. Looking forward to talking. Brother.

Some Images (worth checking out):

- Requirements -

- Must Ride a Chopper styled bike. NO SPORT/SUPER BIKES!

- bikes include:

- Western Daemon

- Nagasaki CHIMERA


- Western Wolfsbane

- Western Zombie Bobber

- Western Zombie Chopper

- Western Rat Bike

- Western Bagger



- Must Be Over Level 20 (Dm us if your Under)

- Must Own A Chopper

- Must Wear Leather/Boots or Biker Styled Clothing,

- Must Attend Club Meetings/Gathering

- Must Have a Mic (if you don't, skype will do!)

- Must Speak English


When you first choose to join, there will be a process, you will tell us a little bit about you (so we know your serious).

We will have fun, you can get to know the president and other members, do a few missions, and within a few hours the club members with anonymously vote And we will let you know if you have joined, if you do join you will become a Prospect. You will be invited to the Crew and The MC, then after a few days of being in, you will become a "Patch Member" or a "full patch" which is where you will wear The Sons of Anarchy Patch on your back. Then from there you can climb the ranks and even become a president of a charter!

If you abandon the club. You will have frequent Bounties and you will be marked for death many times, this is a brotherhood. If your not serious, then don't join.

Message me or reply with your gamertags!

Ride on Brother!


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