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Unholy Savages MC (XB1) Now Recruiting!


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Hello, We are the Unholy Savages MC, a group of vintage motorcycle club role players who take the MC community to the next level. We were founded on July 18, 2017. We are a fairly new club which mean's we still have hierarchy spot's to be filled. We're a role-play club with extremely important rule's we all follow. These rule's are very different from other MC's which is what make's us very different from majority of 1%er MC's in GTA Online. Getting into the Unholy Savages MC is very difficult, everyone in the club had to go through it, and everyone who want's to join will have to go through the "Hangaround" and "Prospect" stages of the club. Unholy Savages MC is the true definition of a brotherhood and loyal motorcycle club, we do joke around and stuff after a nice Sunday ride, but outside of that we are an extreme down to earth group of brothers you'll ever come across in GTA Online. We ride alot more than your average MC in GTA Online. If interested, we will leave contact information below:


President's Gamertag (XB1)- UFFU Toxic


Vice-President's Gamertag (XB1)- RiotousFTP


Instagram- @unholy.savages


Website- https://unholysavagesmc.wixsite.com/unholysavagesmc



Edited by UnholySavagesMC
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Welcome to the forum. Please put the link to your crew's Social Club page in the OP and read the Recruitment Guidelines.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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