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Hangar Troubles


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So I bought the Los Santos airport hangar with Michael once I finished the story mode. The buy went down fine and after I bought it I bought the Duster. I went down to the correct hangar and sitting in it was the Shamal. When I went into the storage menu to change planes it said the Duster was available so I clicked on it and nothing happened, the Shamal stayed in its place. I blew up the Shamal and clicked on the Duster again, and it allowed me to spawn the plane, but instead of the Duster spawning, it spawned the Shamal again. When i went into the confirmation email from elitas, it said that I had bought the Shamal, even though the amount of money out of my bank account corresponds with the Duster and not the Shamal. When I tried to rebuy the Duster, it said I already had it. I'm on Xbox 360 btw. I would appreciateany help at all.

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Hello and welcome.


Did you save your game after purchasing the Duster?

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I think it autosaved




Have you received the confirmation message that the aircraft has been delivered? Bear in mind there is always a delay in receiving the aircraft after you have purchased it.

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Yes i did recieve a confirmation email, but the email is for buying a shamal which i didnt do. The shamal costs less than the duster (for some reason) and the amount of money i spent is equal to the cost of the duster

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Yes i did recieve a confirmation email, but the email is for buying a shamal


You should receive two emails, one when you buy, one when the aircraft is delivered.


Presumably you have closed and rebooted / reloaded the game by now, have you checked your hangar?

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i had that glitch happen on xbox 360 save as well but duster was replaced with frogger instead with dusters price, frogger itself was not in the list of elitas travel for michael and i guess your elitas travel list is missing the shamal for michael.

I did another playthrough and discarded that savefile where it happened and in other save it was all working fine again.

I can't know for sure what causes the glitch but if you care for this then your savefile is no good you need to do everything again or if you are lucky enough that you saved many times and different slots you may find some save without the glitch closer to end of the story.

BTW that glitch only happens with michael and once you saved it in it's permanent.

Edited by ACM-Jan
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