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[VC] Coords


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i need to find out the coords Tommy currently is at. i didn't seem to find anything (working) online. Thanks for any help

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I know how to store them already, but I need to print them on the screen/ save them to a file

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If you just want to know exact coordinates for specific place open VC and Sanny Builder. Go to desired place, Alt + Tab to Sanny Builder, Ctrl + Alt + 1 to open Coords Manager, then click Read.


I don't have VC so I'm not sure how to display them.

If you don't care about decimal places, I have some ideas.


To display one coordinate at a time:


0092: [email protected] = float_to_int [email protected]: show_text_1number_highpriority GXT 'NUMBER' number [email protected] time 5000 flag 1
If VC supports FXT files, open Notepad and enter COORD X ~1~ Y ~1~ Z ~1~. Save that inside cleo_text folder as numbers.fxt (select All Files (*.*) instead of Text Documents (*.txt)).


0092: [email protected] = float_to_int [email protected]: [email protected] = float_to_int [email protected]: [email protected] = float_to_int [email protected]: show_text_3numbers GXT 'COORD' numbers [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] time 3000 flag 1


Edited by kosticn101
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Tried these tools. i only have the steam version, so i guess I won't be really modding sh*t with that

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WHY did you link Wikia for information on the GXT format?

Edited by spaceeinstein
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Because it was on top of my google search. Fixed now. I was aiming for tokens.

Edited by kosticn101
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So to get back to the point, with the Steam Version of Vice City (albeit uncut), will I be able to mod the game. If so, I'd need to read the players current coordinates, but none of the above tools seem to work for me

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You can mod the Steam version but it would frustrate you to no end because most version-dependent mods support version 1.0 over others. It would be easier if you can find a v1.0 EXE than to find a tool that works with Steam's EXE.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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I found a 1.0 exe, that didn't really work though. I got me a retail root folder. It's a bit crippled, but I use it for finding needed coordinates.

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