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Water texture problem (I need urgent help)

Joao S

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Hello, recently I have tried to download GTA San Andreas on the computer, all right, one less thing, when CJ sinks in the waters, has no texture under the screen at all! The screen is completely black, you can not see anything.
Would anyone help me with this problem? I plan to do 100% GTA, and I need to get the oysters for that, without me seeing into the water, it would be impossible, just as it would be impossible to do some missions that require CJ to sink into the water to hide or something.
If you can tell me which file I need to modify to be able to see inside the water again, I would appreciate it, I really need help, I've already gotten a lot of stuff in the files of the game, but I did not get any success.
Anyway, I made this text using google translate, if you have something written wrong, forgive me, I'm Brazilian and I do not know much English.
Edited by Joao S
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For a start you didn't purchase the game. Do that, get a fresh install, and then see if that fixes your problem. Your pirated copy has clearly been modified.

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It seems that your game is modified , either you must buy the game or download a completly different pirated copy of gta sa . I hope this helped





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Looks like a bad timecyc mod applied to your not very vanilla download :')


I'd suggest scanning your system for malware while you're on it as well.

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No support for pirated copies.


Purchase the game legitimately.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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