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user 7

Is there a 'Delete Game' option on PS2?

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user 7

Just as the title says, I wonder if there is such an option for PS2 version of the game.

My game, which is the original 2002 version, PAL, is missing this. I own SA (the original 2004 version) and VCS on PS2 (also PAL), and they both have the option.

Which leads to another question - is this option absent only in some versions of the game, or in all of them? And does PAL or NTSC matter?


I will be grateful for any information you can provide.

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Ah no, who knows why not, but there is no option to delete a save game. I just tried on my copy - PAL Version 1.4 (1.4 is the original release of the game)

However, I do not know if you are able to delete save games on NTSC or other game versions. Hope this helped.

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Made this Topic over a year ago. Not possible on PS2. There is no way to delete a Save from a Slot. Only "Load Game" and "New Game" are found. Not "Delete Game." All other Versions of VC can delete a Save in whatever Slot, though. Just not on PS2...


Here's the answer.

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You click "Load", then click on "Delete Game".

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Can't you read that he's playing on PS2? The answer is above your post, you can't delete save games while you're playing Vice City on the PS2. Even you have a thread related to the same thing!


You can edit the save game with a PS2 save game editor and do the task from there, but that's another thing.

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