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Join our new and exclusive crew the Illuminati Embassy!

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We are a brand new crew founded by myself Calofa97 and Dem0n__1imbs


(We need someone talented to help us create a new emblem by the way because i'm not the most talented at this ;D )

We are a friendly, sociable and active crew.

So here's some information about us!


This is us! (left -Calofa97, right - Dem0n__1imbs)

Us and one other are the only members of the crew so far! We are a very exclusive crew so not just anyone can join...

We do not kill other crew members (unless it was an accident or it is an agreed upon 1v1 deathmatch)

We participate in a variety of activities such as racing, survival, missions, heists and we are open to any help people need in all different kinds of activities.

We also enjoy exploring the map for interesting things such as finding the face on the mountain, the ghost, the alien hippie camp and much more!


We also have matching cars! (lame i know!) We have chosen a car that is easy for any level to obtain since we do not have a level requirement to get in this crew!

We are looking for loyal and friendly PS3 players (although we are thinking about eventually branching out to other platforms). We recruit many people to be the muscle of the group. These are the people that although not high in the ranks are the fearsome and talented of the group!

After you are recruited as muscle, we then give you the option to be promoted to a representative. These are the people that myself and Dem0n deem worthy of the title. they also are required to download the kik app in order to join the group chat as well as have a piece of clothing (does not always have to wear it) that has the crew emblem on.

For example:



Then all you need to do is join the kik chat and send us a picture of your item of clothing and we can promote you! It's that easy!

After that, all promotions are based on people who have proved their loyalty and friendship to either me or Dem0n__1imbs!

After we have a few members we will be setting up a discord chat also so that all crew members that are online at the time can chat within this chat.


All you have to do to apply is fill out this form and meet the requirements and then send it to either me or Dem0n on one of the platforms below:

Social Club:






After both me and Dem0n have reviewed the form, we will contact you via the platform we have been contacted on!





Why you would like to join our crew:

Best skill:

We hope we have persuaded some of you to have a look at our crew and think about joining! We need some of you most loyal players to help us on our journey to become the most fun and fearsome crew out there! Thank you for reading!!



Edited by Calofa97
Posts merged, don't double post and only bump once per week.

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bump! :D

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