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How to tell if I'm banned on GTA 5?


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I tried signing onto my Xbox live account today and it said I am suspended for a few days. I want to know if there's a way to find out if my GTA 5 online account is banned since I can't find out in game...


reason for suspension was cheating, not sure when or how I cheated. Maybe kids false reporting to Xbox.


Thanks in advance !!

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Try to sign on, when the message pops up that you are suspended in the bottom left corner of the screen, when you get back to single player, will notify you of you unsuspension date.

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@RANDOMv2, thanks for your reply... Would I still be able to sign on to GTA 5 to find this out even if I am banned from Xbox live? When I try to sign onto my everyday Xbox Live account, I get this message:



Note: this isn't my account, i have the exact same message except the date isn't the same.



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Well the most reliable way of checking if you're suspended or banned in GTA Online is as already stated - go onto the game and attempt to join Online. You'll get a big black screen alert message that you can't miss if you are banned.


If you can't get that far:-

1) Check your email associated with the Social Club account or

2) Go to your tickets page, found here - https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/requests- and see if you have a recently submitted, auto-generated ticket about a ban or suspension. Make sure you're logged into your account when accessing that site of course, to see your own tickets.


Out of ideas after that. I suppose if you don't have a Social Club account (is that even possible these days, thinking PS3 and Xbox360(?)), some stats could be checked on the Social Club website by a friend, if you've enabled that in your privacy settings.

Edited by Gaffa™
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Thanks for your reply Gaffa,


I have checked R* Tickets Page and there is nothing generated and I've also received no email stating I've been banned from GTA 5 Online. I'm going to assume that I haven't been banned.


I can also sign onto my R* Social Club account and still edit my emblem, view my stats and post statuses.



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Well it tells you, you have been banned from xbox live..

So why would you think you have been banned from gta?

Edited by Schroebedroeber
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If you are banned from XBOX live with that account then you have no access to your GTA online account. You won't be able to create a different Live account and access the same character account online. For all intents and purposes you have lost that GTA character. What kind of charmer must you have been to have your entire gaming network shut down?

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It's only suspended. Gets unsuspended today. And I didn't do anything lol.

I opened a case for the suspension as I've done nothing. Xbox Enforcement team looked into it and apparently it was a false report. So obviously some kids were trolling

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