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Liberty City map bugs

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Hi guys. So, I've had some free time in the past few days, so I decided to help out with bug searches, map bugs that is, specifically in Liberty City. Let's just say it took me a while, but I've managed to go around the entire Liberty City, and I mean the entire thing, every street, alley, beach etc. I've decided to open up a map bugs topic for this because this are ALL the potential problems/bugs I found in the entire city exterior that I think you should take a look at and see if there's anything to be done about them. I've searched through every smallest spot in the entire city and as far as I'm concerned, after these problems I've found are taken care of, the whole city exterior will be bug-free. I don't know if some of these are already taken care of or not, maybe even some of them aren't bugs at all, but are like that by default, I don't know, but in my opinion, they need to be fixed.

I will explain the problems one by one and then provide photos of the problems along with map locations under them for you guys to find them easily.

Problem 1

A part of the building is floating in the air. When you turn the corner in that same street, another part of the building is floating too.


Problem 2

This internet cafe cannot be entered even though there's a ped inside. I don't know if that's supposed to be like this or the collisions are wrong. I can enter about two steps inside and then I'm stopped by an invisible wall that doesn't let me go up the stairs or in any direction at all.


Problem 3

The 6 windows you see on that building have no glass, you can walk through every one of them. Same goes for the other side of the building.


Problem 4

This ship is all kinds of messed up. The whole upper half of the ship's textures is messed up. They are either going through each other or they are missing. The whole upper deck surface of the ship is missing as I fall through it even though it should be solid.


Problem 5

This is pretty much the same location on the map, just the other ship. Everything is messed up, falling through stuff, even the front deck.


Problem 6

The little island with the lighthouse is completely messed up when it comes to collisions. Invisible low walls, instead of walking on the surface of the island or the stairs, CJ is floating way above it.


Problem 7

This cool little building entrance in the back alley looks good from the outside, but when you enter it, it's completely messed up, it's missing a solid wall.



That's it. Those are the only bugs I've found on all three Liberty City islands. If I find time to fully scout Vice City, I will do it. Hope this was worth it guys. I'd really like to have a bug free map exterior of this mod, so I hope this helps.

Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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I like that. Good to see my scouting wasn't in vain. You fixed the most problems already. Very looking forward to the release. :)

Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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