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Continously checking a condition


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I need to continously check a certain condition (if the player is driving the tampa). I thought about creating an extra thread dedicated to checking that condition, but I don't know if it'd be the most effective method. Thanks for any help

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once again not code use this as placement.




wait 0


player is driving

else_ jump @check


car model = #tampa

else_jump @check




Send your whole code and we could sort this further :)

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I'm gurrently not at my desktop so I can't post my script, but I'll be able to in some hours. I'll try to explain it a little bit further. I'm trying to create a pretty big mod, for the flow of wich Going to other loops after having done the tampa specific mission, but I'd still like to be ablento start the tampa mission after that, so the condition needs to be checked seperatly and parallel to the remaining problem

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You finish tampa mission and then script continues, but if you enter tampa again then you start a tampa mission. Is that right?

Edited by kosticn101
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Yeah, as soon as you enter a Tampa and $ONMISSION = 0, the script should start jump to the mission script

Edited by BigHomie
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Some side info: it should work like the side missions in the main.scm, so that everything works as normal, but as soon as the player enters a tampa and pressed the sub mission button (or 2) to jump back to the mission part

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