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GTAV Crew Emblem Request


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Hey guys,

As the title may suggest, I'm looking for someone to make a crew emblem for the GTA Online Discord, preferably yesterday x.x

A PNG and SVG will be provided below and should be reproduced as closely as possible. I will also provide a WIP crew emblem that you can work off of.

EDIT: You're free to upload it directly to the crew, a link to it will be at the bottom of the imgur post, since I'd rather not plug our discord right here. #WeNotMe

I'd be willing to offer compensation in form of money as well as the donator role on our Discord. Note, however, that I might not be able to give you the money straight away since money issues are a thing. :l


The reason for the urgency is that the current emblem for our crew works fine on Social Club, but not in-game. I used the GTAEmblem website and since the support is rather slow at dealing with it and considering they probably won't fix it anyway, I am forced to find another solution. I was going to do it myself, however, I couldn't for the life of me get the lettering done, so when I found that website I thought to myself "Oh, that's nice." Fast forward to like 6 am and the emblem is finally up on the Social Club and I didn't give it a single thought that it might not work in-game and so, I wrote up the announcement and went to bed euphorically. When I woke up, I saw someone say that the emblem didn't work and to my dissatisfaction, it happened to be true.

So if you could help, I'd be very thankful.


Link to all the material: http://imgur.com/a/cp4KT

Edited by Funnypig
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