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Add on System Link (LAN) XBOX 360 and/or Xbox one


Go to solution Solved by Moonshield,

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Xbox one X is coming out and they want to bring back xbox original games, mainly I believe for system link on all generations of xbox, I believe this needs to jump start system link again to newer games. I think there should be a re release of GTA V with all included DLC on a disc and/or a marketplace store add on for system link for xbox. Especially since xbox 360 hasn't had an update for a while and it would be an excellent way to send it off with a bang, those servers WILL eventually be gone so definitely previous gen users should support this. The only games that take advantage of this multiplayer game mode are shooters and racing games. Just imagine being able to play at a friends local party play without getting kicked for being idle and on a separate ranking system, or even an option to play with your online unlocks and not earn any additional unlocks offline so there is no cheating. It would be really fun to practice and play off especially when there servers aren't running for whatever reason. Borderlands, saints row, and a few other games have released there updates and DLC on discs before and this would be a HUGE release! Please everyone we should request this it CAN be added in future content.System Link only exist on xbox one via Call of duty and half AS*ED it in gears of war 4 by only having VS and no horde mode. Kameo had a system link add on that released on the market place. System Link still works on Xbox one and it needs bigger games to support it, dont you guys want to be able to play if your Internet is out? Halo you lost me, I can't believe you guys said you couldn't add system link when I have EVERY CALL OF DUTY GAME ON XBOX ONE THAT WORKS ON SYSTEM LINK!!!! It would be AMAZING to be able to mess around on a new game and Unlock everything with your friends offline and work for it the same way you would online.

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