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Please Lemme Smash is recruiting [PC]


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I'm the crew leader of Please Lemme Smash, our crew is based on the Becky lemme smash meme currently going around and even our logo is made around it.

I'm 25 years old and enjoy playing GTA V online with the mrs. but we lack people to join us.

So we are recruiting people who are interested in joining our crew, do missions, races, events, or just meddle around.

We also are looking for those people to join our MC named Smash riders.

We'd prefer people who can take a joke, who are up for some banter and who are vocal, either in game chat or over discord.

if youre interested in joining us send me a pm

PC Only

Kind Regards,


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'tain je cherche un crew englais pour me perfectionner et apprendre cette langue, que j'adore, et le prem's que jtrouve, c'est un belge xD

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c'est un belge xD

Oui mais je suis Flammand et mon francais etais terrible xD on parle seulement englais dans notre crew. C'est votre choix de rejoindre notre crew. :)


yes but i'm flemmish and my french is terrible xD we only speak english in the crew. but its up to you if you'd like to join us in it :)

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why not :) i don't have my computer actually ( 1 week i think ) but after that, why not :) and don't worry, you'r french is good. better that the french of somes real french.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Growing in numbers by the day, thanks for all the support we've been getting from all of you guys, still fancy an invite let me know!

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