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Lots of emotion (WARNING SPOILERS)

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I'm a die hard GTA fan, I have completed every single 3D GTA and I own every GTA ever released for the PS2. I love the 3D games, they are my favourite. But I recently got a PS3 with GTA IV The Complete Edition and GTA V, but V is sh*t and boring so I don't play it. I just completed the story of IV earlier today. This is the first game with real emotion, if you know what I mean. Vice City Stories had a little bit of emotion, but nothing like IV. Choosing who to kill and who not to kill, and then facing the consequences added a great depth of emotion to this game. I have only completed it once, with the revenge ending so please don't spoil the deal ending. Watching Kate die at Roman's wedding, and then having to hear the sad 'mission passed' theme just makes this game's emotional depth even better. Although there were some positive emotions, like killing Darko with 12 bullets even though the Combat Pistol can only hold 9 in a clip and killing Dimitri, and especially killing Pegorino. This was an amazing game to play, and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Let's be honest, V is sh*t. Oops, just realised this was the mod topic.

Edited by ClaudeIzABadAzz

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I agree with you, V is just about griefing money from players. IV is my most favorite, with best physics of hd era. I play SA mainly for mods.

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Yeah IV and EFLC are cool as, but Vice City and SA are unforgettable. And all these mods that have been made by now give it a new life too.

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