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Senator John McCain - Dies at 81

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Saddened to hear about his passing, the man quite literally went to hell in back in his lifetime. Half a decade interned as a POW, now his battle with cancer. Yet still remaining strong in the face of all that adversity. My deepest respect. Hope he's at peace now.




As a note of what should be common sense: If you're here to celebrate this man's passing away and dance on his grave, then I will proceed to celebrate your immediate ban from this forum. Display some basic human decency or get out.



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Evil empire

I think he was less comtemptible than Donald Trump or George W Bush.

Edited by Evil empire

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2 minutes ago, Evil empire said:

I never feel sad when a right-wing politician dies but I think he was less comtemptible than Donald Trump or George W Bush.


True, thanks to his own experience with torture he has kept a bit of decency in atleast this regard, and he seemed to have a bit of remorse (regarding Palin etc) in his final years.


But glorifying him a hero and beacon of virtue? That's ridiculous. He was basicially another Bush style Republican, like you said, a bit less contemptible.


The shocking thing is that since Trump and his fellow cleptocrats set the bar even lower, Dubya and his camarilla appear less malevolent in retrospect, although many people thought it couldn't get much worse at the time.


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Doctor Holliday

Rest in Peace to the LAST REPUBLICAN who had any sense of common decency or self-repsect...


The GOP is dead.

Just your garden variety con artists, racists, sexists, wanna-be fascists, and sell-out Conservatives are all that's left.

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I'm not into politics tbh, but I would listen to this man's speeches only because i found some truth in some of the issues he'd bring foward. He was a strong believer and supporter on bipartisanship.


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Doctor Holliday

TFW your father is a legitimate and honorable war hero being eulogized by a coward and a liar and a homophobe who doesn't deserve to breathe the same oxygen as the rest of us :)


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Drug Tino

John McCain was just another pet of the financial oligarchy. 
When it came to economics and social services he promoted the same old conservative cr*p. Nothing much to say here.
When it comes to foreign issues he was definitely on of the worst: a man who believed that any problem can be solved by bombs, by threats, by bullying. A man who believes that war is the answer and that war is a legitimate right of the US and Israel. This man was a major force of global escalation with the other great powers, a proponent of destabilization of whole regions by any means necessary whenever the interests of the rich and powerful few were in question. The man was of no help to bring peace and prosperity into this world, especially not the third world. And let me assure you, a man like him would not have brought and didn't bring anything good for the vast majority of people in his own country. The reason the guy might have come along with the "centrist" Democrats is because they're basically the same. Again nothing that would have promoted progress at home or abroad.
Claiming to fight against terror but supporting terrorists in Syria, claiming to fight for freedom and democracy by claiming a monopoly on truth, by gladly supporting regimes like the Saudis, ignoring the occupation of Palestina and of course by means of bombs (and if we had it his way: boots). Classic hypocrite, classic politician. 

I must say that I'm glad a man like this is out of politics, which doesn't mean that I celebrate his terrible disease or death. No man, not even a criminal neo-con globalist like him, deserves that. Its ironic that he personally didn't care much about human suffering and death. 

The man might have been a victim of a pointless imperialist war. But that doesn't justify or make up him promoting more such wars. 

For all you who think positive of his political deeds: don't you worry. For good or bad, there are still dozens of his type out there up there that will continue to make the world a worse place for decades to come. 

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very courageous man. RIP

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