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Interesting/Fun places

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I've been playing GTA IV a lot lately, I played it many times before and I finally finished the game some days ago (after a lot of failed runs because of game breaking bugs) (I lost the completed save after I logged into GFWL tho).


So, when I'm bored af I like going searching for random places where I can do funny stuff or have a good last stand against the police, and the map is very detailed (one of the most detailed maps I have ever seen), and there are various hidden places to mess around, but I don't know much of them.

So, can you guys throw some of these places for me? One of my favourite is the street in front of the Burguer Shot in Bechwood City, so, in that street you can push people over the edge of a hill and make them fall to their death, it's pretty fun.

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  • Going north from Niko's first safehouse you'll find another place you can push pedestrians to their death.


The bathroom in Middle Park is a fun place to make a last-stand. It has only one entrance and some places for cover. At the south of the lake there's a fountain. Continuing south you'll go on an underground area. The bathroom is to the right.


The abandoned hospital is a fun place to shootouts.


Go up a silo, there's one in Northern Algonquin and lots in AlderneyIt's too high for them to shoot directly, so just shoot or kick any cops that climb the ladder and deal with helis w/ a RPG. A sniper is also fun.


If you go up the street from Michelle's appartment and under the bridge, to the left there's a little door you can enter, used in the mission "Easy Fare" by an NPC. Nothing there, except for an L-shaped corridor, perfect for cover while shooting cops.


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You can spend a whole day just walking around Middle Park. It will feel boring at first but once you start hearing the phone conversations and other peds talking it's pretty addictive. Also you might see aerobics classes which are fun.

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

Almost all of the balconies in the game have collision, and can be stood on. The best way is to speed at them with a helicopter and jump out at the last second. From there, you can utilize it as a sniper spot. Be careful, because some balconies have missing collision in some spots, so you may end up walking through a building or directly over the balcony ledge.


On Hematite Street on the east side of Algonquin, there are four tenement buildings (2 on each side of the street). In the corners of the buildings, you can find open squares that drop to bluehell, usually covered by trash.


On the service road that runs east of the airport, there is a spot where the curved pillar meets the airport wall. Jumping into it just right can let you hide in the airport, and you can shoot out at people while they can't shoot you!


In Ballad of Gay Tony (requires parachute equipped), get on top of one of the large tenement buildings in South Broker. They're the ones with the American flag hanging off the balconies in multiple spots. Each building has four wings and on each wing there is a slightly taller part on the outside edge with a shorter middle path that leads to the center of the building (if I remember correctly). Jump from the taller outside part to the center pathway part. Instead of just doing a simple hop down, your character will go into the skydiving animation and glide across the top of the building and the wind sound effect will play, until you hit the center part of the building and go into ragdoll mode. The best part about this is every time you do it, your health meter will go slightly up.


With enough persistence, you can jump into the china shop and use it as a hideout. When you're ready to escape, jump through the back wall and you'll fall and respawn outside of the store.


Cars drive fastest on the Plumber's Skyway and the highway that runs on along the western side of Algonquin. Try to get pedestrians to chase you into traffic and watch them get hit, or try to smack motorcyclists with a bat.


Outside of Lucky Winkles, there is an underground cellar that can be entered, complete with opening doors. This spot is useful for trapping people in multiplayer. Once they're inside of it, just drive a car over the top of it and leave them there.

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im surprised nobody mentioned the swing set glitch. a classic. go to a playgroud. take a car back up to the swingset keep reversing on the swing until it flings you. its great fun.


the statue of happiness. while happiness island is a cool place you have to go to the secret statue interrior. go in a helicopter. find the highest lookout part under the actual statue. then carefully jump onto it. then find the door that says no secrets here. walk into it. and you will find a secret.


the abandoned mansion in the north of alderney. its in the little forest. go behind the garage. you will find a secret car you can only find there.

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There's also the gambling room you can enter only after you complete the first mission "The Cousins Bellic" it's the place you take Roman to in the 2nd mission. If you start the 2nd mission you won't be able to enter the room. There's a group of people sitting in there at a table.

You can also enter the laundromats and steal the money from cash registers. You can also do this at clothes shops but you'll get one star wanted.

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1 Taxi rides. Tell the driver to hurry and then use the code for 1 star wanted level. Experiment with higher levels and use codes to remove wanted level as needed.


2 At the hospitals. Spawn Comet, drive into hospital and block doors. Now shoot all the peds in the foot and they will all run around crazy. Role play psycho mass murderer.


3 Find an intersection where cops are common and then bump guys that will start throwing punches. Now watch cops arrest the guy, lead him to the police car, and then drive off with him. Calling police when attacked can also be done.


4 Kidnap perp. When police arrest someone those arrested are lead to the back seat. Before the cop can drive away just hop in and steal the car and the guy arrested. Loose you wanted level and then stop and get out of the car. The arrested guy starts punching.


That is a few fun things i remember. I have not played gta 4 for maybe 6 years on my PS3. If you have not played it i strongly suggest the Ballad of Gay Tony dlc.

Edited by jazzbone

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There's some little boats floating on the pond in Middle Park and you can stand on them and they bobble around. It's something fun to explore. Also the ships at the dock in Port Tudor are explorable. There is one inside a dock warehouse you can climb in there's even a med kit inside.

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- Around the Beechwood City burgershot, coming off the freeway there's an auto shop with red propane tanks that can be pushed into traffic, and you get exploded cars without a wanted level. I think it's easy to do this in the big grassy hill in Northwood too.

- If you follow the ledge at the top of BOABO and East Hook you'll eventually find a pedestrian area, and a bench circle with construction on the railing, and lots of pedestrians who stand around waiting to be shoved off and fall 50 ft. to their death

- The helipad at the northern side of civilization committee (the building near Niko's middle park east safehouse with guards in front of the parking lot) is good for shootouts when you want a big upperhand. You get blind police coming up the stairs for a couple minutes, and then you snipe them coming out from an underpass to the north for a while.

- I also like The Majestic hotel for shootouts (it's on the road right south of Middle Park). You can hide behind the concierge desk and watch the chaos outside the windows as NOOSE vans fill up the streets.

- Kind of like @jazzbone said, you can punch the car of taxi drivers to get them to chase you (and some tougher looking NPCs) and then you can also hop on top of stopped cars behind them to get them to punch the cars of other taxi drivers, which can turn into a bunch of taxi drivers brawling in the streets.

- Around firefly projects, the hospital in Northwood, and in Alderney city you can sometimes get two different gangs to enter a shootout with each other and with any gangs shooting in the streets you can call a cops to the scene to get them to start shooting as well.


Sorry if the directions are vague, i can't check locations right now.

Edited by mzt

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