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Cars with "too much" customization vs cars with "too little"


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A Car like the Furore GT looks nice but with it's limited options, I just find a nice paint color, some pretty rims and I'm good to go.Then you got beasts like the Sultan RS and Elegy Retro.I CAN NEVER BE SATISFIED with a particular look! I don't want to go out and buy shark cards since I already payed $65.00 for the game, but it's like I cant just settle with one look with these cars and mods are expensive.So then you end up having to purchase multiple versions of the same vehicle to satisfy particular niches( gotta have the time attack,street, rally, and drift versions!)if R* decide to release a Street Racing dlc like the one GTAwiseguy showcased, I'll be financially finished!



This isn't so much a "rant", but just something that I know that a lot of players deal with when it comes to customizing their favorite cars.

Edited by GTA_Elegy
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Doesn't really bother me too much either way tbh. Cars that I can never seem to get just right change over time, never bother with buying duplicates. For the "too little category" I never really find myself wishing for more, they seem to be well sorted out of the box. I'm also not very OCD about my cars appearance, more about how they drive.

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I don't think you can ever have too much customization, uce. :)

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Yeah I agree. Especially with the Benny's vehicles like ill think 3 or 4 of the liveries on the Specter custom look great and therefore I cant settle on just 1.

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Cars with too little customization bother me too, but there is no such thing as too much for me. Also if you want 3 of the same cars with different styles just get 3 different ones, the Sultan RS will be good for rally, the Banshee 900R will be good for time-attack, because of the high top speed and it looks like a hill climb car with those huge front plates and maybe an elegy for "drifting", with the options it will look like a drift missile or just a proper drift car.

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Commander S

For me, there's no such thing as 'too much', if it means I can make a decent, realistic look with all of it - something that'd suit the real-life car.

The Elegy Retro is a perfect example of a bit of both: on the one hand, there's so much stuff you can do with it, and certainly just enough that I could make a thing based on an actual R33, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

...on the other, there still aren't enough suitable sports rims at Benny's (which would be the one and only way to put more into the game - short of just making really good, authentic stock rims for new cars), and every so often, R* skimps on things like skirts/rear bumpers, which is really frustrating. R* actually did a good job with original-release things like the Tailgater, Penumbra, etc., and put matching front/rear bumpers and side skirts, and yet with a lot of DLC cars (no rear bumper option for the Elegy Retro or Kuruma), they'll miss something out, and it really limits some of the more realistic, balanced looks you can achieve with them, IMO. :/

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There's no such thing as not enough customization, but holy sh*t some cars have next to nothing >:C

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I cant just settle with one look with these cars and mods are expensive.So then you end up having to purchase multiple versions of the same vehicle to satisfy particular niches.

Ha! That's a dark & slippery road ... You don't wanna go there lol.


I have 63 cars, 29 of them are just that. And they are not even heavily customizable Benny cars. I have 7 Baller LEs, 7 Cognoscenti, 6 Dubstas (5 D1s + 1 6x6), 5 Oracle XS' & 4 Schafter V12s. It took every fiber in my being not to buy another GP1 & another Turismo classic when they were on sale last month.

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Commander S

See, this is why I have the 'no more than one of any car' rule! :p Yeah, it's a bit limiting, and means I have to choose between a F&F1 Elegy, a Tokyo Drift Elegy, or a 'something else' Elegy, rather than owning multiple versions of the same car, but it saves me garage space, and makes me think carefully about how I want to commit to customising my cars.

That, and I like to plan my cars in advance, and come up with a clearly-defined look/theme for each car I make - maybe it's just me, but I'm a lot happier sticking with a look when it suits the car, and makes sense as a unified design. For example, I'm probably going to change up my Cheetah Classic - I tried doing something GTA III-ish with it, but the lack of accurate paint colours, plus the fact the car isn't a 1:1 analogue for the GTA III version, means it just doesn't sit right with me when I look at it.

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See, this is why I have the 'no more than one of any car' rule! :p

Haha I enacted a similar rule early this year "no more than one of any car ... Anymore" once things started getting out of control & I was doing fine until I got the mailing list discount in early June ... Then this happened!


34634586774_a2768e75e3_o.pngBaller LE Guard (66) by IceDree, on Flickr


I bought 2 more armored Baller LEs & almost bought a 3rd, but our internet went down for maintenance & stopped me.



I have an issue with that kind of stuff dating all the away back to GTA III lol. In III, it was Patriots, in VC it was FBI Ranchers, in SA it was Huntleys, in IV it was Cognoscentis, Oracles & Presidentes, in Online the mess above. I can't help myself :panic:

Edited by IceDree
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There are some cars that should have more options, and some that have already a lot for no real reason.


These NEED a lot more as they got almost nothing at all:








Felon GT



Furore GT














These need more, they got something but usually just 1 option style:













there is probably more, as more is always better, but these are essential ones that need a lot.

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Agree with the majority consensus here.. there can never be too much customization lol. But yeah, I've definitely gone down that slippery slope - one garage I own is half Elegy and half Sultan RS.. and yeah, the garage is full. It's pretty bad but they all have their respective style and themes. Those cars tend to be my favorite anyway + get driven the most and I end up selling the random flavor of the month Supers as they come and go.

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As others have said, there's never too much customization. I hate that some cars have next to none though. One that really annoys me is that the clean Rebel lacks all the badass baja customizations of the rusty one.

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