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Passive Ability To Drop Vehicle Proximity Mines Abuse?

Rabid Vulpix

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Rabid Vulpix

I haven't been on much this past week, but I've noticed a pretty bad element with these new vehicle proximity mines.


Is this really a feature R* meant to implement, where players can drive around dropping proximity mines in their Karin Technical Custom while in passive mode, then able to activate/switching them to live at any time by leaving passive mode? It's like it's just a new low for people to troll, driving to highly contested areas on the map while under the protection of PM, deploying said explosives & leaving the area while deactivating PM.


Just out of curiosity I've tried it twice now, able to completely screw over a supply mission & even a delivery mission. Able to plan ahead of a player or two in the missions/jobs, dropping the mines in their projected path & then deactivating PM in timing before their arrival comfort to see the destruction.


It feels like the old abuse people used with the hand deployed proximity mines & passive mode, but on a much easier & destructive capable scale.

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Smooth Longsack

Nice trolling! This tactic is not a concern of mine.

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The Wandering Hunter

this may replace aircraft griefing for some, after the he sniper


and oppressor griefing is too easy to see coming these days

Edited by The Sole Survivor
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Yeah I was surprised to find I could still place proximity mines while in passive mode instead of the vehicle horn becoming available again. Haven't used it to bother other players, though.

Not sure if the developers were just plain lazy here or actually wanted this to be a tactic used by players. There's plenty of things that are dangerous that don't annoy me as much because like Sole Survivor said with the example of Oppressors, you can usually see them coming.


Proximity mines may have a flickering light and a beeping sound but if you're not driving slowly and looking at the road all the time you're going to miss it and get blown up. Hard to avoid them if you're in a hurry. I've used them before to kill other players but never before using passive mode to do so. Usually just in situations where they could have easily predicted me to mine their surroundings.


As if people needed another reason to sell stuff in empty sessions. Almost makes you wish to get the helicopter and plane sale missions more, despite them being easy targets for homing launchers.

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Can players see the passive mines or are they completely invisible until you deactivate the PM?

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Noticed they were possible to deploy while in passive. Was hoping it would be a while before people started to cotton on.


Hopefully R* will disable deployment in passive.

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Gleeman Vox

Thats like saying putting sticky bombs on a friend's back and then having them go in passive and run into other players in 2014 was abuse. They both take slight effort.

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Thats like saying putting sticky bombs on a friend's back and then having them go in passive and run into other players in 2014 was abuse. They both take slight effort.

lol that's awesome

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just discovered this on my own earlier today. This will likely be patched at some point in the future but seeing as it has nothing to do with making money (in fact it can be used to make people lose a TON on money) I figure it won't be addressed for at least 6 to 8 months.

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Wow, this can happen ? :p


That being said, seems to me like a quite obscure thing to use


first of all you need someone getting after you in passive...most people already will not do that in most situations.


Second, if someone is on foot and you try putting mines on him the person might as well go on passive himself regardless and get in a car.

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Haven't tried passive mode yet but I did just get an insurgent and dropped a bunch of mines around town and I was surprised how well that worked out.

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This is great. Nothing better than dropping mines on bikers during Stand Your Ground.



OMG. That is EVIL.


I'm totally doing it tonight.

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