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Gay Tony

MRA's, Male Privilege, Men's Issues, etc.

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G's Ah's

What would you describe as the most relevant issues that plague men today? the ones I usually hear - male rape not being taken seriously, higher suicide rates, alcoholism, the inequalities of marriage and child custody all stem from old fashioned masculinity. Ideas that propose men should bottle their feelings, be stoic, emotionless, that they're the dominant sex and that getting raped by a woman is a joke, that they're only breadwinner incapable of taking care of the house. All these things have the same common root.


Male rape not being taken serious is an issue when it's acknowledged. There are many places where the legal definition of rape only covers sexual violence committed against women. The other issues that you haven't mentioned include bias in the justice system, whereby men are more likely to be sentenced to prison, given longer sentences and are more likely to remain in prison longer than women are who have been convicted of the same crime, the lack of support for male victims of domestic violence, the fact that men in many countries are subject to conscription or other forms of compulsory military service whereas women are not, the falling educational outcomes of boys and young men, the falling graduation rates of men at universities, etc. There was one other I thought of, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

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Short Stay


I'm rather claiming that if you are expecting equal outcomes to ever arise through 'overthrowing the patriarchy' you're beyond delusional. In the prosperous egalitarian countries many differnces in social outcomes between men and women are larger than in developing countries. That is especially true in STEM, as has been pointed out. Russia actually has the highest percentage of women in senior management positions, eventhough it is a rampantly sexist traditionalist culture. That makes no sense at all in the sphere of feminist dogma.




Women in senior positions in Russia may be a direct hangover from the communist era, where women were encouraged and facilitated to become doctors, engineers, managers, etc. The boys still held on to the top jobs of course.


Side note: Yeah, let's overthrow the patriarchy and....replace it with the big assed matriarchy.

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