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GTA: VC on Windows 10


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EDIT: What got the game to work for me:

Deleting the folder with saves and other data located in my documents.

It looks like it was one of those files that did not work.


Original post:


I am trying to run this game on Windows 10 with no luck.


The game is bought through Steam.


Steam and Windows are updated as of this day.


When I try to run the game, nothing happens.


I have been trying to fix it on my own, but I am not sure where to start and would appreciate if anyone have any idea where I should start troubleshooting?


I have looked through your forum and could not find a solution (but that could just be me not looking hard enough.)


If you need any info on my PC or the software ask away.


I recently completed GTA III and wanted to pick up Vice City as the next game since I never completed any of them back when they were released.




Sorry for the spelling. I am not english.

Edited by Kochpittet
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Have you tried the SilentPatch?



Thanks for the suggestion.


I have looked at the SilentPatch, but I have no clue how to get it to work.


I read the FAQ and got stuck. So if anyone has a really dumbed down version of that, I will try!

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Strange it doesnt work, i have both steam version and cd/dvd versions and it works fine with 10, only game i struggled with was gta4 because of stupid games for windows, with that sorted everything was fine.

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Where did you get stuck? Copy and paste SilentPatchVC.asi to where gta-vc.exe is located.

When I read the Readme for it I got the understanding that I needed an ASI Loader.

I tried pasting the .asi into my game folder. It did not work however.



It turns out that I am an idiot (no surprise) and that I did download the wrong version of the SilentPatch.


However. I put the right one in the game folder. And it still does not work :/

Edited by Kochpittet
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  • 4 weeks later...

Try this:

Right Click on "gta-vc.exe".

Click on "Properties" the last option.

You will be first at the "Genereal" Tab, Click on "Compatibility Tab"

Check/Tick this option: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"

Then from the dropdown menu below, select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" if it isn't already selected.

Click "Apply" button then "OK" button....

Now try to run your game, if this doesn't work then PM me.

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I solved the problem by deleting the folder with saves and other data located in my documents.

It looks like it was one of those files that did not work.

Thanks for the help :)
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