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Drive on water:PC


Recommended Posts

Only PS2 and Xbox Versions have that Cheat. PC Version doesn't have it...

If you have trouble with swimming in SA and if you're playing on PC, turn on the Frame Limiter, you'll see how Carl will swim faster...

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PC does have a built-in drive on water cheat, it just doesn't have a cheat string that can activate it. The SilentPatch implements a new string - SEAROARER or something like that. It's also easy to implement cars drive on water using a cleo mod or memory hack that tweaks a particular cheat flag. Either way, a mod of some sort is needed.

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You could at least try the on fire mod right here: http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/trainers/85233-on-fire/


Right after you're done setting up the on fire mod, open up gta sa and then open ON FIRE.


You should see this.





Right after that, click "Start ON FIRE"


You should see this




Click on vehicles, and then you should see this.




The thing is that you have to go into a car before doing this


Check "Cars can drive on water"




after that, your car should drive on water.


this post may have errors because im new to posting images



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Please i'm lazy to chase a boat...i'm tired to keep hold the space button!! :(

If you are on the pier 69 after Ryder,

You can get the Heat Missile Launcher from the Fuel Tanks at the SF Airport, and Blast the Boat from the Pier.

Just climb over the Guards House roof and enter the field, if you did not park too close to the gate it will open from the inside.

Edited by lil weasel
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Only PS2 and Xbox Versions have that Cheat. PC Version doesn't have it...

The remastered version from Windows Store for Windows 8/10 has drive-on-water cheat and can be activated without modding.

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