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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Gear Trend Magazine

Recommended Posts

Gnocchi Flip Flops

So I've been working on a bit of a project for a while now. It actually started two years ago and it was called Pacific Coast Driver Magazine as you can see in my signature. Well it kind of got halted and then I tried to start it back up again last year. Same thing happened. Lately however I've picked it up again out of nowhere last week and got a lot more done than ever before. The name has changed but I'm too lazy to change my signature.


Basically I hand crafted my own magazine page/article in Publisher and made it look like a website in GTA 5 itself and with a lot of time and effort it closely resembles an actual car magazine website. I based it off of Motor Trend and Automobile and it's coming along pretty well. Once finished I will simply turn the pages into pngs and post them here. The reviews will be from the perspective of fictional reviewers reviewing the cars in the GTA 5 universe because I thought that would be more realistic and interesting. They will be full reviews so the main focus is writing. Feedback would be appreciated to help me improve for future articles.


I'll edit in the "About" page later on down the road when I'm finished with my first actual review. Sorry if I'm not being clear enough. I'm kind of excited about this though and about how it will go. So tell me what you guys think of this idea?

Edited by Scaglietti

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Very curious! Sounds very nice.

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Could be very slick if done right! I like the sound of this, it has creativity at its heart. The idea of creating a satirical website in the GTA universe is probably very appealing to many on this forum, myself included. Will you be attempting to replicate Rockstar's humor, or going in your own direction with it, with the GTA universe simply as a backdrop? Either would be interesting!

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Mokrie Dela

I was sceptical until I read a crucial line 😛


It'd be interesting to see a different type of writing. We have poems and songs, stories but I'm not sure if I've seen any journalistic style of reporting writing here. Good luck.


A note: generally I prefer writings to be posted here through the usual 'reply' form (you know, the one we all type into to post!). If possible, please do this (it will make those offering feedback able to highlight specific parts if they so wish, and thus offer better feedback). You could post the pngs as well (as long as they're done in img tags and it externally linked), or maybe make an alternative PDF available (as I did with city of lies/jif).


I'm really interested to see this !

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Thanks, I will make sure to provide both the images as well as the text (preferably hidden with spoiler tags). :^:




The first issue is almost ready. I got backtracked by real-life things but now everything is set. I'm currently in the revising and editing process and then it'll be ready.


I'd say, give me a couple of weeks.

Edited by Scaglietti

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What happened to this? Has it already been posted somewhere else.?

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

It's on hold. Life happened, lol. I haven't really the time to devote to finishing the editing of this review but don't worry it's not dead. I tried to get it finished before the semester started but that didn't happened.

Edited by Scaglietti

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