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fast and bulbous squid

Anxiety while playing online combat games?

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fast and bulbous squid

Alright, this is probably going to sound strange, but bear with me.


I've never been very good at online combat games, particularly those with guns. At first, I thought it was due to my lack of experience playing these kinds of games, especially with a mouse and a headset. Recently, however, I've started to notice my reaction towards combat situations. You see, I've been playing lots of Rust recently, which is a survival game where losing in a combat situation against another player could mean losing hours or even days of progress. You could be peacefully mining wood in a forest when some dude with an AK jumps out from behind a rock and starts shooting you. Now, most players in this situation would be able to quickly pull out their gun, jump for cover, and start fighting back, but me? I just start panicking. My fingers flinch, and when I can finally get them back on the keyboard I usually end up hitting the menu button or something, by which point I'm already dead. Even if I'm aware that a combat situation is imminent and have my weapon drawn, I'll usually flinch and lose aim on them. Hell, even if I'm sniping someone whose unaware of my presence, I'll often flinch slightly when firing and miss. I'll also lose all sense of judgement in combat situations, making me do something stupid like bumrush a guy with an automatic weapon 40 feet away with a spear.


Looking back, I started to realize that I've had this problem, albeit less pronounced, in every shooting game. Like, I'd probably be a pretty good battlefield player if I didn't tense up so much when being fired at. Same goes for any game with guns, really. I just find it so odd that I have these reactions, considering I'm not a very easily scared person. I've seen nearly every good horror movie under the sun and never felt extreme fear watching any of them.


So anyways, I'm making this thread to see if anyone else has this problem, and if anyone knows of any good solutions. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Just try a different kind of game, something more relaxing. FPS / online games aren't the only thing in the world, thankfully.

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Happens to me once in a while, while playing darker zombie slasher games, they're npc though but still I get sweaty hands and blood pressure is rising. I tend to scream very often in pure surprise when one shows up out of the blue.


I figured it helps me if I play with the lights on in my room and game music, set close to zero, surrounding noise also very low. If it gets very hectic I turn off the sound which helps me a lot.


Not sure if these are any hints for you. Always keep in my mind it`s just a game, nothing happens, even if you loose a few days work, it does not harm you. I kept telling this to myself while playing The Evil Within ;)

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