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Richie Makyura

What if... (GTA III Version)

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Richie Makyura

Hello friends, I have created this post in the case of "What if" in this case if a Liberty City Stories or Advance character would not have died or left the city in before of 2001


What if Claude had meets Vicenzo? What would have happened if J.D. Meets Cluade? What happens if Kazuki and Toshiko Still alive and Claude meets the Yakuza, s? What happens if Cluade meets Vinnie?

I want to see your theories about this theme, every theory is valid :)


This is one of my Theorys:


If Vicenzo still alive, he would charge Claude Objectives to give him a bad image and mistreat him just like he did with Toni, Claude would meet Toni, Toni would ask him to get rid of Vicenzo so that Toni could become the family's capo, Vicenzo When finding out it would tend to a trap to Cluade, but this manages to surpass it so to face with and Vicenzo dies in the attempt to finish with Claude, Toni would congratulate to Claude by the great work that did.

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Evil empire

What would happen if what the scenarists would decide.


I never played Advance or Liberty City Stories by the way.

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Ron Horse

LCS is decent enough. It felt a little bare bones after San Andreas, but getting the newer vehicles, a new story, and some changes to the map were enough to pull me in. Haven't played it since around the time it came out on PS2, will probably put it in when I'm done with VCS.

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