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In-game time

Claude Liberty city

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Claude Liberty city

How much in-game days passed between first (intro) and last (end of the line) mission? I always thought that the whole game events happens in about 6 months, but now to think better, 6 months are not many consider that in the game there are more than 100 missions


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You can see it in the stats, when you finish the game: Days passed.

Edited by gts.
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In days long ago, I once took a whole game year, what with exploring everywhere.

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I don't think there is any official answer. It probably happens over a few months though.

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I wouldn't say a year maybe a couple of months or so. But depending like @lil weasel mentioned it's possible to take a full year if you explore SA's entire map catching every detail on the map.

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Game days in San Andreas in not a terribly accurate measure. The value will increment when the clock rolls past 00:00 and when you save. So if you save a lot you'll have lots of days in your stats. You can't really tease out the days from the saves because the clock doesn't roll over if you save within 6 hours of midnight. I'm not sure how days are handled for getting busted or wasted before midnight.


There's also a hidden in-game calendar that can only be viewed with save editors. It doesn't come into play much outside of the gym equipment and the gym glitch. It's always leap year in San Andreas. btw. There is little association between the calendar progression and game days. A random selection of saves suggested that it takes about 200+ game days to progress one calendar year, at which point the gym glitch might start to appear.

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