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Supply Lines mission is not hard

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Everytime i played GTA San Andreas i didn't really care about Zero missions.But this time when i played San Andreas

i decided to play this mission.It's not hard. I'm just asking how did this mission become one of the hardest missions(for some people) in SA?

Edited by Giemo
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Only hard on PS2 V1 due to Fuel Loss a lot quicker than any other further PS2 Version, any Xbox/360 Versions, PS3 Digital, PS4, PC, Mobile, etc...You name it, all was FIXED and made EASIER for every Version to follow PS2 V1's Release. With that said, it only takes about 3-4 tries until I pass it. I remember back in 2014 doing an SA Save and needing about 20 Attempts until I passed it. I play SA on PS2 V1 and Mobile with Touch Screens and when I get back to the Rooftop and into the Red Marker on PS2, I have about 1% to 5% Fuel left. On Mobile, even with the piss poor garbage Touch Screen Controls? 80% Fuel remaining. Like I said, it decreases much, much slower on any other Version and if you're not playing PS2 V1, then there isn't much to talk about this Mission being hard since it's not and I'd imagine not many people own the original PS2 Version anymore, anyways...

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Over control. Instead of letting the plane fly itself most players (including myself) tend to keep trying to control the plane all the time.

The smarter players (as I learned) let it go and just tap the controls when needed. Applies to all the flying.

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I love that mission. I have a save on my V1 Xbox copy if I ever want to just fly the mini plane around shooting at random civilians. I will admit I cannot pass the PS2 V1 copy on a 1st try.

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It has never been hard, unless you're on PS2. But why would anyone with an average or higher IQ even play on a PS2, lol. The PC version is better in every single way.

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The PC version is better in every single way.


That's like, your opinion.

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But it's true, the PC version has less glitches, better draw distance, less lag, improved graphics, etc. The only thing PS2 has what PC doesn't are minor things like an animated parachute or rain reflections.

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That's nice. Too bad it has nothing to do with the Topic at hand...


There is nothing more to say in the Topic anyways. Supply Lines is hard on PS2 V1. Nowhere else.



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I've no idea how this topic is either a Guide or a Strategy, but since it's turning into a platform supremacy debate...closing.

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