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(iOS) Nightclub dancing stage 3



Hello everyone.


TL;DR version first: is the dancing mini-game in nightclubs working as intended on mobile platforms? After reaching stage 3, you get the "Ain't Nut' but a G Thang" again (due to "Funky President" removal after copyright claims in mobile version), but it looks like you can't possibly reach the needed amount of points to complete the third level (I reached "PERFECT" in minimum moves and stayed on it until the end, but got only 6800 pts, which is not enough to pass, I guess). Is this right? Can i complete the mini-game without jailbreak/changing game files/letting someone work on my save-file?


Full story: I decided to do something in GTA:SA after the new patch for iOS came out this summer. As i have already did the 100% completion, I thought about doing the dancing mini-game in the nightclub (I only tried in the club in LV, but it probably doesn't matter). First two stages were fairly easy (especially after I remembered about this thread: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/202608363-For-people-struggling-with-the-GTA-SA-Life-s-a-Beach-mission). However, after getting to level 3, the struggle became quite real. The best score I managed to get (which is cap, probably) was 6800: http://imgur.com/Eb6MWFy


And it wasn't enough. Here (

- the video is not playable on mobile devices, but downloadable) is shown a score of 7510 or so, which resulted in a dialogue informing the player about mini-game completion (which wasn't a case for me with my score). It looks like the removal of "Funky President" is what makes the stage unbeatable (I get "Ain't Nut' but a G Thang" during level 3 once again).


I have never completed this mini-game before, even though I owned SA originally on PC back in 2005, so I would appreciate any input (especially if there is a way I can complete it on iOS).


Thanks in advance,


Edited by Heartbeating

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