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Really Whacky Glitch


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i was playing vc and i saw a car with its front end shoved into the ground,you couldnt drive it,i jacked it and you could barely get in and out..has anybody else seen this happen to a car?

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YES. There's been lots of other topics about that. a Very known glitch.  :bored:

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Not everyone is as big of a geek as you, lighten up pussy fart

You certainly have a way with words... :sarcasm:

BTW, your avatar doesn't work.

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How could you have 5 stars and not be busted poboy?

i think it goes 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star BUSTED!!!!


why am i editing in April, i wonder who will see this, or is it lost, for good...



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