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Bigfoot vs. The Beast PS4 NO Cheats NO Deaths

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I know this has been done before but maybe not quite like this.

So I recently completed the bigfoot easter egg and I was not happy with the results. I know this has been done without the use of cheats. This is more for those hardcore guys who like myself prefer a clean save file. I have always played and completed all my gta games with zero busts, cheats and deaths. I read guides and watched videos. I could not find a solid working method that did not result in using some type of cheat, online glitch or dying. After doing a bit of reading I came up with a plan that worked for me.

First I have to thank walkeronline for posting this weather chart...


There may have been others posted but this is the one I found.Here is a link to his post...



Step 1- By using this chart you can find out where the weather cycle is in your game. Its not easy at first but with patience you will figure it out. The trick is to leave your game running till a storm comes. Write down the time and day of that storm, wait for the next storm and do the same. Now refer to the chart and count the hours between storms. Using this method you will eventually be able to match the chart to your current in game status. Once I was able to figure out where I was in the game as per the chart I was able to predict when any weather type would spawn with very high accuracy, the worst it was ever off was about 2 in game hours or so.

Step 2-This part is pretty boring. Once you know where the weather cycle is in your game you can simply leave it running till a few in game hours before the weather of your choice, in my case I needed foggy weather. You can check the game every now and then or use a stop watch to figure out when you need to check your game.

Step 3-Ok so once you got everything all figured out you have to do is wait till a few ingame hours before the weather should be foggy and make a save. From here you have to carefully plan your timing. Your weather is most likely not going to naturally happen on the day and time that you need it to, so you need to sleep. Now remember when you sleep the weather does not change(it may eventually but you can sleep for up to a week and have the weather stay the same).

Based on your current situation you predict there will be foggy weather on a Friday at 12:00 but you need it to be foggy on Monday at 05:30. So a few hours before lets just say 09:00 you may wanna sleep with Trevor a few times then switch back to Franklin and either drive or take a cab to the next peyote location. You plan how long it will take to sleep and how long it will take you to get to your location and subtract that from the time you predict the fog, this way you end up at your location at the same time the fog is rolling in. If the fog is an hour or 2 off from the time you predicted you can just make note of when the fog actually occurred and reload your game from the last save point, so make a save a few hours before you expect the fog. I have to check if skipping cab rides also pauses the weather, if anyone knows for sure feel free to chime in.

Step 4-Continue to collect the peyote plants and before you collect the last one make sure you have full health and armor for Franklin and make a save. You are now ready to hunt the beast.

For this part I have to thank Sir_Galehaut for posting this map containing all the invisible checkpoints and also the body locations.Here is a link to his post which also contains the file that shows the paths to the bodies...


Again idk if he was the first to post it but this is the post I referred to.

Hunting the beast is easy but can be frustrating.
First you need a mic with both a left and right ear piece. I wish I knww this during my first few attempts :oD
The Beast will actually growl louder on one side if you are going in the wrong direction. If you hear it in the left ear you need to travel a bit left, in the right ear you need to travel a bit right. If the sound is evenly distributed then you are going in the right direction. You want to move fast but not so fast you get yourself off track. Sometimes even with the mic it can be hard to tell exactly which direction to travel. What I do then is refer to the above linked map and set point of interest marks on my in game map matching those in the map. Then by listening and pausing the game and looking at those marks in relation to where you are, it becomes a bit easier to know where to go next.

In addition to this after finding the first dead body, listen carefully and figure out where your next checkpoint is. Now you can make use of the path files. Enter all the text into Glokons GTA V map(remove the stuff that is not coordinates). This will give you exact locations of all checkpoints. Now that you know the 1st checkpoint after your first body you can locate it on Glokons map. Take the coords and search for them in the files. Along with those coords will be 3-4 other coords. Enter these into a clear Glokon map and you have your path until the next body. After each path in the files you will be led to a body. Making use of these files made the hunt a whole lot less frustrating. Eventually you will be lead to the beast and you can complete this Easter Egg and unlock the beast in director mode.


Here is a video of me defeating the beast and unlocking him in directors mode and of course shows my stats reading 0 deaths and 0 cheats...



Edited by StangOne50
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the howl keeps leading me to the same body over and over

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On 9/17/2017 at 2:49 PM, sea cucumber said:

the howl keeps leading me to the same body over and over

I just saw your thread and posted there but in the links I posted you will find these files...


You can use these coords to help lead yourself to the next correct location.

If you read the last paragraph in the op it explains how you can use the coords.


However you do it, you will need a mic with both left and right earbuds to start.

Learning all the locations of the bodies and invisible checkpoints will help you alot.

The paths which contain the invisible checkpoints are generated randomly. In each path between bodies will be 3 or 4 invisible checkpoints. If you miss any of them you will be lead backwards.

Edited by StangOne50

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Weather Chart, it doesn't work on PC version.

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On 3/22/2019 at 2:22 PM, SynlianoX said:

Weather Chart, it doesn't work on PC version.

I dont know about story mode but in online PC has a different weather cycle to allow for rain at night.

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