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Algonquin Assassin

Movie/TV scenes that creep you out

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Algonquin Assassin

Basically the ghastly opposite to the funny moments thread. It doesn't necessarily have to be from the horror genre either. I'm kind of surprised by how many movies/tv shows have creeped me out despite not being horror.


As for me it has to this...




The first time I saw The Exorcist was about 13 years ago and even with the aging special effects something about this scene really made my hair stand on end. I couldn't imagine what it must of been like back in 1973.

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That's probably at the top of my list too. Some others that come to mind..


- Leatherface running after you w/ a chainsaw


- That girl f*cking coming out of the TV in The Ring


- The entire movie Thirteen Ghosts (Holy fk)

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I've never done dope nor had a withdrawal from it, but this scene does cite well, the claustrophobia and the sickly fear you experience from fever dreams.


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Probably both rape scenes from The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (The original Swedish one, Män som hatar kvinnor). It's pretty disturbing how much of the actual rape is shown on screen. At the same time however it's beautifully shot as it really gets under your skin. No Youtube link, which isn't that suprising when you've seen the scenes.

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Is this The Guy?

I always fast forward passed the scene in the movie "It" when Pennywise' head pops up in the storm drain

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The Time Ranger


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