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Did they wipe outfits again?


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All in the title. Switched characters and since then some of my glitched outfits are gone. Anyone having same issue?

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Did these outfits happen to have any police or trashman parts to them?

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nope, they took these from me a long time ago.


Lost duffel bag (black) still have the green one, associate body armor, a headset and an outfit which wasn't glitchted but had an insane amount of accessories

Edited by Spadge
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Grimy waifu

I would like to know the answer as well

I had an outfit removed just a couple of days ago but, unlike yours, it was glitched (hat on a ski mask) :/

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Maybe they did that because of that whole outfit glitching that was going on during the last two weeks using that DM glitch.

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I glitched 'em back, let's see what happens.

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they don't '' wipe outfit '' as far as i know. They can blacklist them yes , that's about it. For example i still have a ballistic armor saved as an outfit but since it's blacklisted , after 3 seconds it unequip itself.


The outfit wipe is an old glitch that they introduced more than a year ago already. It happens when you have 2 characters and swap between them. My guess is that clothing items in both character outfit lists conflicts and that's what cause some random outfit to be deleted. sometimes your whole outfit list.


for the record , i tested this extensively. One of my favorite activity in GTA:O was to make outfits , i have both a male and female char for that matter. I had to abandon my second character ( female ) because of that bug. It kept happening to me randomly. after a lot of research , i narrowed down the problem to having 2 characters and swaping between them. it's the common denominator for everyone I've chatted with who suffered of this bug.


Since November 2016 i haven't logged on my second character and i haven't suffered any outfit wipe too , it fixed it for me. It was fun while it lasted Cassandra. ( second char name )


My outfits consists of dufflebags on almost all slots and i have almost all clothing glitches saved in one form or another including the old utility armor + vest and juggernault armor / mask. ( so i don't think they wipe for having glitched suits , else i would have been wiped in 2017. )

Edited by MuralDeciphered
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