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Ultimate Starter Save 2017 Edition

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Since 2008, when (Del) posted his starter save, everyone agreed that a VC starter save was 44% (or 45 if you start in german), but last year some new glitches were found, including a way to do Arbitrary Code Execution using .mp3 data and the ingame mp3 player. The only constraint was that you needed to wait more than 150h of setup to do it.

In May I attempted to ACE on stream, was successful and used it to get 100% (according to the stats) at the start of the game (as well as unlocking the Frankie Shirt and unlimited ammunition).
Full 7 days setup video https://www.twitch.tv/collections/uAZwm9LLxBQKBA

Technical explanations https://pastebin.com/9JQS8vQ9


Recently I've asked my russian code monkey friend husho, to find me a way (with ACE) to set the game so I would be able to ACE on new game, and he made me another .mp3 for it.

I also asked for mp3s to spawn a sparrow, teleport Tommy to the G-Spotlight Building with a PCJ and to unlock Shooting Range as well as buying assets so he made 3 other .mp3 files.


Using this I was able to do a newer Starter Save on stream yesterday https://www.twitch.tv/collections/nxlLH_J-0RS4BA, took me almost 10h because I didn't really routed it and just did thing as they came.


I goal was to complete everything in the game that doesn't change the name of the savefile (In the beginning...), this include 36 USJs, 100 packages, 35 rampages, 15 robberies, 15 properties (7 safehouses and 8 assets), 3 Top Fun missions, 4 Off-road missions, getting >45 points on the shooting range, 4 chopper checkpoints, 3 stadium missions, Checkpoint Charlie, Spending $300 in Pole Position, 4 SSA lists, 6 SSA races, and the vehicles missions (pizzaboy, firefighter, brown thunder, paramedic and taxi driver) then complete An Old Friend as it doesn't change the name of the savefile either.


I also sniped a seagull, played beach ball and drove a bus. (I forgot to have sex with a hooker)

I actually reach 940% because the ACE i do to get 100% at the start set the progress to 1337 points out of 154 so 868%.

Since a starter save is usually before doing An Old Friend, I made 2 saves, one before http://gtasnp.com/YRkXiA and one after http://gtasnp.com/ftoLQg

also, here are my stats after an old friend http://gael.ovh/StarteSaveStats.html


I'd like to thank husho without whom this wouldn't have been possible, as well as Nick007J, Patrick, Powdinet and people from the GTA speedrunning community


PS: I plan on completing the rest aka the missions to figure out if anything is broken but it shouldn't

Edited by gaeldemarseille
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Urban Legends

That my friend is why the call you the Harwood Butcher...What a way for Tommy to start out. You nailed the criminal rating for a start.

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