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Problem with my Logitech F710 and GTA SA



Hello, all. I tried to relive my childhood today but that unfortunately was thwarted by unforeseen technical issues coupled with my inability to solve it. I tried to switch it from mouse to joystick to no avila. I also attempted to remap the configurations once I realized there were none set for joysticks, but the controller itself isn't responding at all. I believe it is at this moment not having the connection issues typical to this particular model but I don't know what else to do. It appears to be plugged in and recognized by windows.

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6 answers to this question

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You did do the following, yes?

First the remote receiver Must be plugged into the computers USB port, NOT a HUB nor an extension port.

Second the X switch must be changed.



I've used the extension port with no problem in the past but I will remedy this to see if it is the culprit. I've tried the x-switch in both settings to no avil but wil do some with the changing of the USB ports now.


I've retried it and noticed the presence of an icon in the devices list but still no response from the game itself and I've tried to switch between the two modes.

Edited by qwertyfish25

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lil weasel

Did you do a restart of the computer after you changed the port/switch.

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Yes, I did. My current version is 1.01 of that helps.

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Ok, so I downloaded a different version of the game (not the actual game version just a different source) and the controls seem to be responding without changing anything. Are there any presets available for the LOGI 710 that could help bring me back to a PS2 like experience.

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