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Job creator for GTA 4 (and eflc) Online?

Job creator for gta 4 online?  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. Should there me a job creator for gta 4 online?

    • Yes to job creator
    • No to job creator

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Strangely, I have not found a single person who made this a topic, so I decided to.


Does anyone feel like there should be a job creator for gta 4 with gta 4 job style?

I always wanted gta 4 climbing systems for those parkour deathmatches! Just think of the possibilates!mqdefault.jpgmaxresdefault.jpg

I also always wanted to make custom races with magical floating containers combined with gta 4 difficult handling. Lastly I also think they should add a last team standing mode aslo from gta 5 in gta 4 for even more possiblies. I can see it already, snipers vs. stunters, or rpg vs. apc.

I don't know, what do you think about this, and make sure to vote on the poll. This will also go pretty well with the idea of having gta 4 remastered for xbox/ps4 on 10 year anniversery, and it will also make gta 4 less repitive/bland.

Edited by KingAJ032304

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B Dawg

That would be terrific, but will sadly never happen.


Custom Races on the other hand, are possible by modifying the existing ones using SCO Toolbox/kit or whatever It's called to modify the race script.sco from script_network.img. Of course you'd also need to know the coordinates of all the races's checkpoints (I know where some of them are in the file, and when you know one of them, it's easy to find the others), and replace them with your own (this is where Simple Native Trainer comes in handy)

Edited by B Dawg

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