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GTA Versus friend's Radeon HD 6950



I have just recently sent my girlfriend, who is just as poor as me, my backup PC with 8GB of ram, a core 2 quad @ 2.83GHz, and the icing on the cake, a Radeon HD 6950 with 2GB of ram.

Yes, GTA V on this PC is a bit hard, but it runs pretty well.... mostly.

My friend has quite a few problems, and since google comes up with... not much, I'll ask here.

First, she gets a "ERR GFX D3D INIT" error rather often, and the game just dies. Her Weed farm kills the game most of the time, she has to reboot the game over and over, and eventually, it's just random, the weed farm just works. What the hell, is there some sort of weed farm russian roulette in terms of it crashing??

Next, if she hovers over a gif in discord, it somehow causes GTA to drop to 1FPS, or, causes it to freeze repeatedly, as if GTA is like "lol I'm working, now I'm not, now I am, now I'm not"

And lastly, Other games that run the GPU even harder work just fine, BUT L4D2 also had a D3D error today on her PC, so I'm honestly lost, A+ just doesn't cut it with this Franken PC. Is it GTA? Is it directX (Which comes up in dxdiag with no errors)? Or is it some other thing!?


Oh, and sometimes it does this bullsh*t, where the sun just stops working, but headlights can light up the ground.

Her Graphics are updated, the PC is a fresh install of windows, and the temps are also okay, so... I don't know.

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3 answers to this question

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Don't know much about other problems but "Err gfx d3d init" has a possible solution, http://gtaforums.com/topic/787227-gta-v-pc-pause-error-fix-err-gfx-d3d-init


as for the Discord, i do get a similar problem, but it just happens opposite, like if i'm playing gtao and discord window is open beside it, it just stops and flashes for a second and goes back to normal, best solution for it is to run discord on your mobile phone (i use android)


Edit: Okay, after reading the d3d error solution, it seems that your pc cannot handle that DX version for some reason, i run gta on dx11, if i had run it on dx10-10.1 it would run a lot smoother but the quality would get worse. and even on running on dx11 my pc can run the game on usually 45fps average. and that doesn't drop when i go into the ceo garage or any other dlc property that used to drop frames.

Edited by Parth13

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this is from the solution link,


If your crashes have the same error (D3D Init), then maybe, you have another OSD software running in background and "invisible" (not displayed but still here) as we see with lot of monitors which are a OSD software, for the settings and monitoring (for examples, some OSD softwares are handled by the monitor itself and doesn't cause crashes, but others are handled in Windows by a service/process in the background, sometimes visible in the systray)... .

Even some "mouse" are a OSD software now....



anyway, this error is due to 4 things:

- Graphic drivers improperly installed,

- and/or DirectX improperly installed,

- and/or Wrong DirectX version (graphic card not compatible),

- and/or game improperly installed, or (40% of cases) the game engine can't handle the overlays from third party software(s) (probably the real cause of this issue). An OSD software (or the game Engine) that creates a conflict between DirectX (D3D), Windows and the game engine/Third party OSD software.



For now, play with DX10 until rockstar release a patch to solve this problem of untimely crashes or check if you haven't other OSD software in background, or as i said on another thread, try the "windowed borderless", it can be a solution (with win8.x where the border act like an overlay, but doesn't cause crashes usually (but this + that + these = crash), and with Win vista/7 where the Aero border act like an overlay and can be the cause of some D3D crashes).

this problem is old but is a lot similar to what you're getting.

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Awesome! I sent it to her, if she feels like trying to fight with GTA again we'll see if that works :)

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