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Save File Format Documentation


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This topic documents GTA 2's save file format in preparation for documentation at GTAModding.com. This is for binary files named plyslot*.svg, where * is the player number beginning with 0. People have documented this before but I'm unable to find it. It would be great if you can help out.


Offset Type      Description0x00   char[17]  gmp name0x18   char      0xA0x19   char[17]  sty name0x31   char      0xA0x32   char[17]  scr name0x4a   char      0xA0x4b   char      ?0x4c   char      ?0x4d   char      ?0x54   dword     x0x58   dword     y0x5c   dword     z0x60   word      heading0x64   dword     money0x68   dword     multiplier0x6c   word      healthSTATISTICS0x90   dword     ?0x94   dword     number of times player has damaged a car0x98   dword     number of times player has fired a loud weapon0x9c   dword     number of cars blown up0xa0   dword     ?0xa4   dword     number of cars jacked0xa8   dword     number of civilians run down0xac   dword     number of civilians murdered0xb0   dword     number of lawmen killed0xb4   dword     number of gang members killedWEAPON AMMO0xba   byte      Pistol0xbb   byte      S-Uzi Machine Gun0xbc   byte      Rocket Launcher0xbd   byte      ElectroGun0xbe   byte      Molotov Cocktails0xbf   byte      Grenades0xc0   byte      Shotgun0xc1   byte      ElectroBaton0xc2   byte      Flamethrower0xc3   byte      Silenced S-Uzi Machine Gun0xc4   byte      Dual Pistol0xc5   byte      giant L0xc6   byte      giant M0xc7   byte      giant N0xc8   byte      giant ORESPECT0xc9   byte      gang10xca   byte      gang20xcb   byte      gang30xcc   byte      gang40xcd   byte      gang50xce   byte      gang60xcf   byte      gang70xd0   byte      gang80xd1   byte      gang90xd2   byte      gang100xd3   byte      character mapping (default 25)0xd4   byte      lives0xd6   word      weapon slot0xd8   dword     auto damage cost0xdc   dword     fugitive factor0xe0   word      chaos level (affects wanted level)
Edited by spaceeinstein
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