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Controller support?


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Hello everyone,


I'm boring so I wanted to play GTA San Andreas on my XBOX One controller.

When I turned on the game in menu I can only move between options, but I cannot choose them.

So with my keyboard I go to the Controls settings and then choose Joypad.

After loading an game I can walk, but I can't move the camera, shoot and get into the car.

I tried to use SAAC (San Andreas Advanced Control), but It won't run.


Please can someone help me!!

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The only controller support the game has is for XInput devices (Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.), and even then it's not even full support. Button prompts don't work properly, and the camera doesn't work.


If you really want to use the controller, look into a mod called GInput.

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Igor Bogdanoff

get ginput

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On the PC Game, it is designed/programmed to use Any Generic USP PC Game Pad, much success is had with the Logitech or Seitek GamePads. From Experience I can say they worked from the Box, without any special Drivers, even the ones they came with.


GTA San Andreas is a simple game and should not require using third party drivers.

Trying to go on the Cheap using Console Controllers is not the way to go. Although Microsoft Windows 10 is trying to monoplize the subject with X-Box accessories.


Control Configuration for PC (Xbox360 ctrl)Need help: Xpadder for my 360 controller.



Is my Xbox One wireless controller compatible with my PC?


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You must set in foot control and vehicle control,also in joypad setting:invert right axis must on!!

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OP has not been back since the day of first post.

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