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Ideas for a next gta online


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Hey guys, i was thinking these days what would make gta online a much better and enjoyable game. First of all would be preferable to the first person to be completely separated from the third person, also different from the history mode, being those independent game modes. This is mainly thought to the fps mode, free aim.

So, the game would have no radar at all, if you would like to travel to somewhere by the gps, would be a voice guiding you, something you could turn off while driving.

If you die, you lose all your weapons. If you be busted, you lose some money, but can have small weappons back. You would have to buy it in the ammunation or take a gun you previously bought in your safehouse. People can take your gun and all the money you had in your pocket before you died. Ammunation and underground weapon store would be everywhere in the city.

The police would be randomly around the city, it wouldnt just spawn next to you. All the police helis would spawn and go after you from the police station, as the SWAT that would take a while to be prepared to go. Also, if the police cant see you, they dont know where you are. They search for you, try guess where you are going, but they dont actually know it. And if they see you, even after stop chasing you, the star will get back.(Some good and realistic AI, this is what i mean).

You can only carry 2 small guns and 1 medium size gun like shotgun or rifle. You can buy some clothes that allow you to carry more weapons and ammu, like tactical rigs, knife hanger, bag, pants with pockets, rifle strap etc. You can carry only one heavy weapon, like rpg and minigun. You would also be able to store it and its ammu in the trunk of a car to carry it around. You could mod your weapon, like add and take off scope, silencer and lightbulb on the go.

Cars would have soft body, one strong hit in a post and it wouldnt drive anymore. Something you could mod in the mechanic to let it more tolerable. The handling of the car would be more realistic too. (use break people, dont be that lazy).

Players voice would have a limited distance to be heard.

Everybody has the same amount of life, no matter what lvl you are. The leveling up will change things like aiming-to-sight speed, reload speed and stuff like that.

The ideas i have below interfere directly with the history mode.

The map would be as detailed as it is in gta5(brilliant map) but would also be some big empty areas with some secret spots, like deserts and florests.

Every single thing, expect buildings, can be destroyed. You can get in in everybuilding, which interior can also be destroyed.(I know theres a hardware limitation there).

Realistic lighting. The night would be really dark, just like the gta redux mod, so things like nightvision and lightbulbs can be usefull.

Realistic gun animations and mechanics(similar to gta 4). Slow aim-to-sight and slowdown the players speed while aiming, it would prevent people from running from one side to another while shooting. Realistic scope, only the scope zoom, not the entire screen. Recoil effects. And increase the bullet dissipation while aiming and running or walking.

Many levels of crouch, no hide behind wall like you do in tps.

So guys, gta5 in fps looks great. The problem is that gta is a third person shooter game, so to make it even better, some things should change, these are the changes i would like to happen. Let me know what you guys think about it.

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