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GTA IV Season 2 Episodes and description idea

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I really wanna add to my original post of GTA IV season 1 episodes here http://gtaforums.com/topic/gta-iv-season-one-episodes-and-descriptions-idea so here it is but it is long though...however I know some liked the original post so I gotta make this one. The Show is Titled


Liberty City


Season Two


Episode One/ Season Two premiere: The Start of Something

- Niko arrives at Romans apartment in Broker to speak to him after killing Vlad earlier. Roman is afraid that Russian Mafia leader Mikhail Faustin will come to kill Niko and Roman for this event. Niko tells Roman that Vlad being killed atleast will allow Roman to have Mallorie as his girlfriend officially. The next day Niko picks up Michelle and the two go out eating while Niko tries to push off her questions of what he has been doing in Liberty City since arriving. Keeping it basic that he just is helping out Roman. After the date he drops her off but is invited inside. Here Michelle kisses Niko and tells him that she likes the growing relationship. As Niko leaves he gets a call from Roman to meet near the Perestroika. At the corner near the place, Roman reveals himself from a dumpster. He states how he has spotted Russians just observing the apartment, and someone calling and hanging up. He thinks Faustin is looking for him and Niko. Niko explains how Vlad was a trash ass idiot who was most likley worthless to this "Faustin" guy anyway. Just then Andrei appears and knocks Niko out. He then tells a scared Roman to not gain them any attention and to come with Andrei now. Later, Niko waks up tied to a chair in some basement across from a tied and gagged Roman. Niko tries to comfort Roman as he slides with the chair over to the hacksaw on a table nearby. Niko and the chair fall however and this causes Dimitri and Andrei to come downstairs. Here Dimitri helps Niko up in the chair as Andrei comments that Niko is now awake. From here Dimitri leaves to get Faustin and Andrei threatens Niko with the hacksaw. Faustin comes downstairs with his pistol and Dimitri. Faustin demands answers from Niko and Niko reveals he killed Vlad for forcing Roman his cousin to let his girlfriend bang him. Plus he was his cousins loanshark and that Vlad was an asshole. Faustin thinks for a moment and then decides to tell Niko how Vlad was a loyal hard working Russian Mafia member...that was also a kiss ass who caused many troubles and got Faustin into debts and collected heat. Vlad produced money and thats why Faustin kept him around. Dimitri suggest that Niko and Roman can be spared. Andrei wants them dead. Andrei pushes for Faustin to kill them so much that Faustin kills Andrei. He then tells Niko that he will spare them since they new Vlad was an idiot but still wants payment for having Vlad killed and shoots Roman in the stomach as that payment. Roman is ungagged and Niko is with him as Dimitri has a doctor friend come to help treat the wound. Faustin, and Dimitri exchange numbers with Niko as they want Niko to work with them. Later Niko takes Roman home and Roman says it seems Niko now works with the Russians.


Episode Two: Planning Ahead

- Niko is at the apartment as Roman heals in bed two days after the Faustin event. Mallorie is there to wondering where Vlad has been. Niko then gets a call from Brucie about needing some help. Niko goes to Brucie and learns about the guy named French Tom being Lyle Rivas cousin. He is gaining information on Brucie being iinvloved with his death and so Niko needs to set up a plan to kill him. Niko goes to a internet cafe with Brucie who helps get him set up online so he can set up a gay date with Tom. Once that is done he also takes Niko to a place to steal two cars too use the parts for a car he is customizing. Niko and Brucie take a car each and escape some pursuers on a route from Brucie that is mad crazy and makes Niko angry as they get cop attention and are forced to escape the heat before getting to Brucies auto shop. Niko leaves after Brucie tells Niko he is pumped from the chase and he ain't even juice today. Niko leaves.


Epiosde Three: I Got a Date

- Niko and Michelle are out at the bowling alley. they talk about Niko's child hood and how he wanted to be an astronaut. Niko ask about Michelle's past but she only says she is from the mid west and had snotty parents who loved to be controlling and get invloed in some bad stuff. She wants to make things better for people. She asks if Niko has ever gotten involved in dirty buisness. Niko only says the war was nasty and some things he regrets but he in Liberty city to rebuild himself. He takes her home but Michelle and Niko get intimate and share a night of passion together. The next morning he returns to the apartment where Mallorie leaves for her second job. roman comments on Niko and his achievement with Michelle. Niko says he got another date to go to. Roman says who and Niko says its for buisness only. At the nearby diner Niko meets with Tom and he kills him. Niko escapes the cops and lets Brucie know its done. Brucie thanks him.


Episode Four: Are Those for Sale

- As Roman's stomach heals from the gunshot, him and Niko, Little Jacob, Brucie, Michelle, and Mallorie celebrate Niko being in Liberty city for one month. At the party Michelle writes notes and doesn't explain to Niko what for. The next day Dimitri calls him and asks for him to come to Faustins club Perestroika. At the club, Niko is let in by Dimitri who takes him to Mikhails office. Mikhail talks about the tension with Petrovic but explains he needs to make some money in deals to buy in more supplies for the mafia. Niko should steal a set of TV's that is high value on an underground market. Dimitri explains him and Mikhails friendship while they go to a cop car that they got and lets Niko use it to track the tv van down. He uses the cop car to pull the van over and kill its occupants, takes the van and drives it to Faustins lock up where Dimitri greets him. He thanks Niko who leaves.


Episode Five: Number One Baby

- Niko arrives at Brucies Auto shop, here his employee is finishing up the customzied car with a shirtless Brucie wacthing, as Niko comes Brucie drops down and acts like he has been doing pushups. He then asks Niko to hit him to show the strength Brucie has, but feels pain by Niko's punch. Brucie reveals the illegal street race happening but the car ends up not working as Brucie tuned it himself. So Niko and Brucie head out to pick up a fast sports car from a friend of his. They head out while Brucie talks about his juicing with bullshark testosterone. Soon they pick up the car, and Brucie sits as passenger as Niko races the race and wins. They then drive back to Brucie's apartment. On the way Brucie and Niko develop a little friendship talk and Niko agree's to hanging out with Brucie sometime. He drops Brucie off and Roman picks up Niko to take him back to Romans apartment.


Episode Six: Punishment

- Niko and Roman are relaxing at the apartment. They talk about their opinion on American girls while Niko tells Roman he should be more faithful to Mallorie. Then Faustin calls Niko asking him to come to his mansion. Niko goes and Dimitri takes Niko to Mikhail in the living room. Here Faustin is stressed out and doing cocaine while yelling at Dimitri about the men who owe them money. Faustin then tells Niko about the workplaces in Hove Beach that the Russian Mafia owns, and tells him that one of the places...the sex shop has not giving up this past weeks money they made. Dimitri wants to calmly handle the situation but Mikhail wants them dead. They argue over who is in charge and bring up some of their life together in the past during the talk. Niko then agrees to go with Dimitri and help with getting the money. Faustin tells them to kill the guys. Here Dimitri and Faustin argue again over his paranoia and argue for a while over the drugs and other stuff that causes Faustin to be crazy much more often these days. Niko and Dimitri then leave for the sex shop. During the drive Dimitri explains how Mikhail use to be a great man, and tells the story of his recent downward spiral into madness. He also says they will still try to spare the men and not straight away kill them. When they arrive, the three managers refuse to pay to the idiot Faustin... Niko shoots one of them in the leg and it scares the second one to give Dimitri the money. Dimitri knocks him out. The third one starts begging to not be hurt. niko and Dimitri leave and Niko is told to drive to back to Faustins. On the way Dimitri explains the amount of power and what the Russian is involved in in Liberty City. However he explains that the way Faustin has acted recently has caused to much attention. Plus the powerful Petrovic gang is on the brink of declaring war. They arrive at Faustins, where Dimitri thanks Niko for his help and leaves.


Episode Seven: Bumblaclots

- Niko is at Michelle's. As Niko finishes talking about the betrayal from the war by either Darko or Florian...She asks if he ever thought of killing them. Niko does wish to kill the traitor as he is looking for Florian in Liberty City, but is thrown off by her sudden question. So he simply says he just wants a better life in America. She coninues to ask questions suggesting she wants to know if Niko is a criminal or not. Niko eventually decides he has things he must do and needs to leave. They kiss as Michelle apologizes for the sudden questions. As Niko leaves, Little Jacob text him to meet at the Hombrew Cafe. Niko arrives where Lj and Badman are their smoking weed. Niko asks what they need and Badman explains the situation but in such a deep accent, Niko asks Lj to translate. Lj explains that their are some rasta's based out of South Bohan who are messing up Badman's operations. They plan to go to one of their meetins and wipe them out, then follow one of them back to the remaining rasta's and kill them off. Niko agree's to join. Niko, Lj, and Badman go to Jacob's car and open the trunk to collect some weapons from a weapon stash inside. Then they drive to Bohan while Lj and Badman learn from Niko about hiding from Bulgarin, and looking for Florian Cravic in Loberty City. Lj explains how he met Roman and calls him a close friend. Once they arrive at the rasta's deal with another gang in Bohan, Niko, Lj, and Badman attack and enter a shootout. It takes a while but they wipe the guys out. One flee's and Niko follows him while Lj and Badman stay behind. Niko follows the person to an apartment where Niko attacks the room th escaped person and remaing Rasta's are. Niko kills them and calls up Lj with the news. Faustin then calls with urgent news. Niko arrives at Faustin's place. Here Dimitri lets Niko in just as Dimitri is leaving for somehwere. He tells Niko that Mikhail is in a bad mood so be polite. As Dimitri leaves, Niko over hears the fight between Fuastin and his wife over their daughter Anna dating the biker Jason. His wife cries as Faustin greets Niko. Faustin asks if he new where Dimitri was heading. Niko does not and Faustin explains his past with Dimitri. He calls him a brother and was always there for him as they set up this Russian Mafia together. Now Mikhail is stressed out, the Petrovics under Kenny Petrovic's leadership is planning a war, and now they are gaing police attention. Dimitri thinks its just because of thier recent actions but Faustin knows that there must be a rat. He then tells NIko howver he needs him to help deal with Jason, Anna's boyfriend who he thinks will ruin his daughters reputation. He orders Jason's death. Niko goes to where they are and see's Anna and Jason kissing. He confronts them. Jason tries to escape but Niko drives after him. Catching up he manages to hit Jason with his car and causes Jason to die on impact. Niko leaves while calling to Faustin to let him know the deed is done.


Episode Eight: The Rat

- Niko, Roman, and Little Jacob are out bowling. They talk about Niko working with the Russian Mafia. Lj does not trust the madness of Mikhail Faustin will turn out well in the future, but Niko is just happy to be getting paid. Roman talks about recent reports of Vlad "missing" and that Mallorie is happy to have him off her and Roman's case. Niko talks about him and Michelle getting closer with eachother. He alos comments about how Dimitri is more calm and collected then Faustin and Niko respects Dimitri. However he knows Mikhail is in charge and must respect that. Lj also explains the Petrovics to Niko being a local Russian Gang with much political connections. He explains the leader Kenny wants the Russian Mafia dead so he does not have to have competition. Niko says with Faustins rash thinking they might have a war on their hands soon. As the bowling ends, Niko leaves to meet with Faustin at his club. He arrives and Dimitri takes him to a booth with Mikhail, and they all sit down. They watch the club show while Mikhail explains how he first moved to America and Dimitri talks about the story as well. They also explain how they opened the Perestroika. Then Dimitri brings up the recent police attention, and Faustin has decided what to do. Dimitri thinks it is to lay low, but Mikhail explains it is to actually to kill the boy Lenny who sells them information on their enemies. Dimitri tries to say Lenny is a good guy but is cut of by Mikahil and ordered to leave. Niko is told to go to the subway station in Bohan and kill Lenny, showing him a picture of the target. Niko asks if he is sure but Faustin threatens Niko for questioning him. Niko goes to Bohan, finds Lenny and kills him after he makes a threat that his father will have him murdered. Niko calls Faustin with succes, but then on the way home, Dimitri calls to let Niko know he just killed Kenny Petrovics son. With Niko upset at Mikhail, Dimitri explains Faustin is getting crazy with choices like these but lets Niko know due to Dimitri's connections he might smooth things out with Petrovic. As Niko returns to the apartment, he tells Roman the news. Roman still thinks that working with Faustin should bring in a nice deal of money so that the cousins can start living the American dream.


Episode Nine: Comeback

- Niko is driving when Little Jacob text him to meet at his place. Niko arrives where Badman and Lj are. Badman is gearing up with guns while Niko asks what is happening. Lj explains the rasta's they ried to kill off in Bohan two weeks ago are actually have a few remaining men who want Lj and Badman dead for the attack. Niko is wanted to help with killing them before they got a chance to strike. As they get ready to leave, the rasta men attack Lj's apartment. Niko, Badman, and Lj enter a shootout in the hallway and other rooms with the rasta until all are dead. It takes a while but strategy and careful movement allow Niko and the others to kill all the rasta men. Here Lj thanks Niko who leaves with payment for holding off the attack. Niko goes to the cab depo where Roman and Brucie are hanging out. Niko joins them as Brucie talks about juicing and ordering some Lion testosterone but he prefers "bullsharking" more. Niko talks about juicing messing up peoples balls but Brucie claims to have wonderful balls. Then Roman says they should get going for the race. Brucie tells Niko the racers from the other day want a rematch so Niko, Roman, and Brucie are using the now re tuned customized car to win the rematch race. They go out with Niko driving as they talk about the American dream and life in Liberty City. Once at the race, Niko races with Brucie and Roman enjoying the thrill. Niko wins and drops Roman, and Brucie, and the car off at Brucie's place. Niko then gets a call from Dimitri saying there is a situation and to come to Faustins place now.


Episode Ten: Rigged to Blow

- At Faustin's mansion, Faustins wife lets Niko in. She talks about the nice cookie smell as she just made some cookies. Niko talks about his mother having real good cooking skills that he misses from home. Talking about him being from a poor village in Serbia. They make it to Faustins office inside the house where Mikhail, and Dimitri are. The wife leaves as Niko sits with the other two. Mikhail is happy that Niko came as Petrovic wants war for his son Lenny being killed. He wants to send Petrovic a message to call off the war. Dimitri wants a smooth meeting with Kenny to calm things, but Mikhail thinks violence is the only way. Faustin decides to go on his earlier idea and blow up the car shop Lenny owned in South Bohan. It brings in most of the money for Petrovic. Dimitri disagrees but Mikhail insults him. He orders that Niko and Dimitri go get a truck, then collect bombs from a friend. Plant the bombs in the truck, drive it to the car shop, and let it explode destroying the place. Niko just wants to be paid while Dimitri begs for Faustin to not do this. Mikhail yells at Dimitri and sends them off to carry the task out. Niko is ordered to pick up the truck from a friend while Dimitri gets the explosives. Niko goes, collects the truck, and drives to the meeting place where Dimitri is with the bombs. They discuss Faustin and his insane temper while planting the bombs. He tells Niko he is trying to work over a deal with Kenny regarding Lenny's assassination. Niko tells Dimitri that Mikhail must get a grip o things will not turn out well. With the bombs planted, Niko leaves in the truck for the car shop in South Bohan. It takes awhile, but he arrives and is able to get the truck to explode in the car shop. the shop is destroyed while Niko flees the scene he calls Faustin to let him know its done, but tells him to listen to Dimitri if he wants to bring his russian Mafia out of the heat its in right now. Mikhail takes this as an insukt and curses Niko out before hanging up.


Episode Eleven: Play By The Rules

- Its nighttime, and Niko is with Michelle watching a movie. As the movie goes off, Michelle realizes she needs to get to bed. Niko and her kiss while she tells Niko its nice getting to know him and is happy to see tomorrow will have seen Niko's two month anniversary since arriving in Liberty City. Niko complements Michelle while he leaves. Roman calls asking if he can pick him up from the backw room gambling place. Niko picks Roman up and discuss Romans addiction to gamble. Roman loves it but Niko knows he cannot loose their money like that. It is not healthy. They go back and forth until getting to the apartment. The next morning, Niko wakes up as Roman is heading to work. He gets up, we see flashes of him getting breakfast, eating, getting dressed, then watching TV. He gets a call from Dimitri who says there is some trouble going on and he wants to meet with Niko at the boradwalk. Niko agrees. He goes to the boardwalk and sits with Dimitri on a bench. Dimitri talks about how he first met Faustin. Dimitri says that Faustin is like his Brother and he loves him but he is running the Russian Mafia into the ground. Dimitri mentions how he met with Petrovic and he was able to come to an agreement with him. Faustin is not muched liked in the Russian Mafia as leader these days so...since Faustin is the true one who really wanted and had Lenny killed, if Faustin is killed then Petrovic would call off the war..he already knows Mikhail would stop at nothing until the Petrovics were all killed anyway. Niko fears that since he is the one who killed Lenny then Petrovic wants him dead too. But Dimitri says that Petrovic was told Niko was only a hired gun simply paid to kill a target..so Kenny wants Niko to be the one to kill Petrovic, and so Niko would be spared. Dimitri mentions he doesn't like this but the old Faustin is gone he is honoring Mikhails old dream for the mafia by killing someone who will destroy that dream. He lets Niko know he is going to Perestroika that night and to kill him there then Dimitri will take charge of the russian Mafia and Petrovic will leave them alone. Dimitri leaves while saying his famous "We mst play by the rules" quote. Niko goes back to the apartment, gets his pistol and ammo collected, and goes to Faustins club. He arrives and enters where Mikhail questions what he is doing. Niko tells him about Mikhail is going mad and the Russian Mafia can no longer allow him in charge. Mikhail knows Dimitri is a traitor but did not expect Niko to be one too. Niko gets in a shoot out with Faustin and his men inside the club, and everything goes down like in the game mission of Faustin's death. At the rooftop Faustin drops his micro smg and accepts his death while berating Niko and others for turning on him. He says Dimitri has become greedy by america and will also betray Niko to he is sure of it. Niko shoots and kills Faustin. He calls Dimitri to let him know. Dimitri says this is not easy but necessary and he'll talk to Petrovic, and so for Niko to keep in touch.


Episode Twelve/Season Two finale: Sorrows

- Starts right where previous one left off. Niko is looking over Faustin's dead body, with Dimitri telling niko he will talk with Petrovic and to keep in touch. The call ends while Niko takes Mikhails micro smg, and leaves the rooftop. He makes it to the apartment where Roman is not there. Niko sleeps. The next morning as Niko eats breakfast Roman finally returns talking about how for the first time in three months he spent the night at Mallorie's. Niko reveals what happened to Faustin and Roman is surprised. However he figures Dimitri will allow Niko to continue working for the Russians. Later that day, Niko and Michelle are out at burger shot having a calm meal while Michelle questions what Niko has done to help Roman since Niko has money. Niko answers that he is doing favors for him. Michelle asks if there is nothing else he has done. Niko thinks for a moment before continuing to say he has just helped Roman. He mentions Brucie and his juicing. Michelle talks about the bad effects of steriods and both her and Niko laugh about it. The next day, Niko, and Roman are eating breakfast. Roman says he has something to tell Niko but Roman needs to go to the bathroom. At that time Dimitri calls Niko telling him Petrovic has stopped the war with Niko killing Faustin. Dimitri is now officially in charge of the Russian Mafia and has gotten things running. However something has come up and wants to meet Niko at the warehouse on Mohanet. Niko tells Roman he is leaving and goes. Niko calls Little Jacob to give him a ride as Roman needs the car. Lj picks up Niko and they go to the meeting. Lj mentions not always trusting the Russian criminals while Niko thinks his relationship with them is good enough. When they arrive, Lj waits outside and Niko goes in. Inside Dimitri greets Niko thanking him again for killing Faustin. Dimitri then mentions that good old friends of his had been working for him and Mikhail for years, but Mikhail did not respect all of them and kept them distant. However with Dimitri in charge he has brought some of them up to the positions they deserve, saying this is how he learned about Niko. Niko asks what does he mean and Dimitri questions him on his work with Ray Bulgarin and the ship on the Adriatic. He mentions that Niko betrayed Bulgarin and is in debt to him. Ray appears along with a russian goon. Bulgarin confronts Niko who claims Bulgarin a liar. The goon is ordered by Dimitri to restrain Niko. Niko disarms and kills the goon while Dimitri and Bulgarin run for cover. Multiple Russian goons pop from cover and a shootout begins with Lj joining Niko against the Russians. As the russians keep getting killed, Dimitri and Bulgarin flee while Niko and Lj cannot follow. The two continue killing russian goons anyway and after awhile are able to eliminate them all. Niko and Lj kill some cops who arrive, then flee the rest until both are safely away. During this time Niko and Lj talk about the betraying and Niko vows to kill Dimitri but Lj insists that Niko and Roman get outta Broker and lay low. Niko calls Roman who is in a alley way at a certain location. They go to this location and Lj drops Niko off before leaving. Niko finds Roman hiding n his car trunk, as he says people kept calling the apartment and hanging up. The rest is goes on like the game mission "Romans Sorrow" with both agreeing to leave Broker for a few days, Mallorie has an apartment in South Bohan for the two to stay at for a few days, They drive to the apartment as Roman talks about owing a nice tavern with Niko and Niko has settled down. They find the apartment on fire with them realizing Dimitri ordered the Russians to burn it down most likely. they go to the cab depo and see it is on fire too. They then flee to South Bohan while having a conversation like from the game mission, including the wedding ring Roman had bought Mallorie, and planned to show Niko. They make it to the South Bohan apartment, and inside decide to officially use this to start over again. Niko agree's ass Mallorie shows up to learn about the Russians and fires. Niko says he is going out for some fresh air. ending the episode.


I might do Season Three soon but it takes a while to write this, then change it, then put it on here, but oh well.

Edited by Domand

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