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Is there a text-only car-model-name list of Singleplayer-locked vehicles?


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Hello once again, friends and not-friends of GTAF. The question I have for today is as follows:

Is there a text-only list of singleplayer-restricted vehicles, sorted by their car model name? I ask so that I may use the 'DLC Cars in Traffic' mod to its fullest potential, and so I can be sure that not a single model is left halfway unused with that mod in tow. For reference, the default .txt file provided in that mod is as follows:


I appreciate the time taken to read this. Take care, my dudes.

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apc (APC)
ardent (Ardent)
avarus (Avarus)
bf400 (BF400)
blazer4 (Street Blazer)
blazer5 (Blazer Aqua)
boxville5 (Armored Boxville)
brioso (Brioso R/A)
caddy3 (Caddy)
cheetah2 (Cheetah Classic)
chimera (Chimera)
cliffhanger (Cliffhanger)
comet3 (Comet Retro Custom)
contender (Contender)
daemon2 (Daemon)
defiler (Defiler)
diablous (Diabolus)
diablous2 (Diabolus Custom)
dune3 (Dune FAV)
dune4 (Ramp Buggy)
dune5 (Ramp Buggy)
elegy (Elegy Retro Custom)
esskey (Esskey)
faction3 (Faction Custom Donk)
faggio (Faggio Sport)
faggio3 (Faggio Mod)
fcr (FCR 1000)
fcr2 (FCR 1000 Custom)
gargoyle (Gargoyle)
gp1 (GP1)
hakuchou2 (Hakuchou Drag)
halftrack (Half-track)
hauler2 (Hauler Custom)
infernus2 (Infernus Classic)
insurgent3 (Insurgent Pick-Up Custom)
italigtb (Itali GTB)
italigtb2 (Itali GTB Custom)
le7b (RE-7B)
lynx (Lynx)
manchez (Manchez)
minivan2 (Minivan Custom)
nero (Nero)
nero2 (Nero Custom)
nightblade (Nightblade)
nightshark (Nightshark)
omnis (Omnis)
oppressor (Oppressor)
penetrator (Penetrator)
pfister811 (811)
phantom2 (Phantom Wedge)
phantom3 (Phantom Custom)
prototipo (X80 Proto)
rallytruck (Dune)
raptor (Raptor)
ratbike (Rat Bike)
ruiner2 (Ruiner 2000)
ruston (Ruston)
sabregt2 (Sabre Turbo Custom)
sanctus (Sanctus)
seven70 (Seven-70)
sheava (ETR1)
shotaro (Shotaro)
slamvan3 (Slamvan Custom)
specter (Specter)
specter2 (Specter Custom)
tampa2 (Drift Tampa)
tampa3 (Weaponized Tampa)
technical2 (Technical Aqua)
technical3 (Technical Custom)
tempesta (Tempesta)
torero (Torero)
tornado5 (Tornado Custom)
tornado6 (Tornado Rat Rod)
trailerlarge (Mobile Operations Center)
trailersmall2 (Anti-Aircraft Trailer)
trophytruck (Trophy Truck)
trophytruck2 (Desert Raid)
tropos (Tropos Rallye)
turismo2 (Turismo Classic)
tyrus (Tyrus)
vagner (Vagner)
virgo2 (Virgo Classic Custom)
virgo3 (Virgo Classic)
voltic2 (Rocket Voltic)
vortex (Vortex)
wastelander (Wastelander)
wolfsbane (Wolfsbane)
xa21 (XA-21)
youga2 (Youga Classic)
zombiea (Zombie Bobber)
zombieb (Zombie Chopper)


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These are all the singleplayer unplayables, then? From basegame up to Gunrunning...?

I thought it'd have been a larger list, honestly. Odd...


Either way, thanks for the assistance provided! I'll try to figure out the Yankton-specific cars on my own.

Edited by LC-DDM
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Oh, I thought you meant the blocked DLC vehicles (those who get deleted when you spawn them).

Give me some time and I'll generate another list.

Edited by Unknown_Modder
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That's the ones I meant. The blocked DLC vehicles, as well as any other vehicles that you can't get in singleplayer (like the racing Buffalo, the Z-Type, the snow cars, et al.)


It's... probably best if you create multiple lists, if it isn't a bother.

Edited by LC-DDM
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Well, I don't have the time for that currently but here's a list of all DLC vehicles:



alpha (Alpha)apc (APC)ardent (Ardent)avarus (Avarus)baller3 (Baller LE)baller4 (Baller LE LWB)baller5 (Baller LE (Armored))baller6 (Baller LE LWB (Armored))banshee2 (Banshee 900R)besra (Besra)bestiagts (Bestia GTS)bf400 (BF400)bifta (Bifta)blade (Blade)blazer4 (Street Blazer)blazer5 (Blazer Aqua)blimp2 (Xero Blimp)blista2 (Blista Compact)blista3 (Go Go Monkey Blista)boxville5 (Armored Boxville)brawler (Brawler)brickade (Brickade)brioso (Brioso R/A)btype (Roosevelt)btype2 (Fränken Stange)btype3 (Roosevelt Valor)buccaneer2 (Buccaneer Custom)buffalo3 (Sprunk Buffalo)caddy3 (Caddy)cargobob4 (Cargobob)casco (Casco)cheetah2 (Cheetah Classic)chimera (Chimera)chino (Chino)chino2 (Chino Custom)cliffhanger (Cliffhanger)cog55 (Cognoscenti 55)cog552 (Cognoscenti 55 (Armored))cognoscenti (Cognoscenti)cognoscenti2 (Cognoscenti (Armored))comet3 (Comet Retro Custom)contender (Contender)coquette2 (Coquette Classic)coquette3 (Coquette BlackFin)daemon2 (Daemon)defiler (Defiler)diablous (Diabolus)diablous2 (Diabolus Custom)dinghy4 (Dinghy)dodo (Dodo)dominator2 (Pisswasser Dominator)dubsta3 (Dubsta 6x6)dukes (Dukes)dukes2 (Duke O'Death)dune3 (Dune FAV)dune4 (Ramp Buggy)dune5 (Ramp Buggy)elegy (Elegy Retro Custom)enduro (Enduro)esskey (Esskey)faction (Faction)faction2 (Faction Custom)faction3 (Faction Custom Donk)faggio (Faggio Sport)faggio3 (Faggio Mod)fcr (FCR 1000)fcr2 (FCR 1000 Custom)feltzer3 (Stirling GT)fmj (FMJ)furoregt (Furore GT)gargoyle (Gargoyle)gauntlet2 (Redwood Gauntlet)gburrito2 (Gang Burrito)glendale (Glendale)gp1 (GP1)guardian (Guardian)hakuchou (Hakuchou)hakuchou2 (Hakuchou Drag)halftrack (Half-track)hauler2 (Hauler Custom)huntley (Huntley S)hydra (Hydra)infernus2 (Infernus Classic)innovation (Innovation)insurgent (Insurgent Pick-Up)insurgent2 (Insurgent)insurgent3 (Insurgent Pick-Up Custom)italigtb (Itali GTB)italigtb2 (Itali GTB Custom)jester (Jester)jester2 (Jester (Racecar))kalahari (Kalahari)kuruma (Kuruma)kuruma2 (Kuruma (Armored))le7b (RE-7B)lectro (Lectro)limo2 (Turreted Limo)lurcher (Lurcher)luxor2 (Luxor Deluxe)lynx (Lynx)mamba (Mamba)manchez (Manchez)marshall (Marshall)massacro (Massacro)massacro2 (Massacro (Racecar))miljet (Miljet)minivan2 (Minivan Custom)monster (Liberator)moonbeam (Moonbeam)moonbeam2 (Moonbeam Custom)nero (Nero)nero2 (Nero Custom)nightblade (Nightblade)nightshade (Nightshade)nightshark (Nightshark)nimbus (Nimbus)omnis (Omnis)oppressor (Oppressor)osiris (Osiris)panto (Panto)paradise (Paradise)penetrator (Penetrator)pfister811 (811)phantom2 (Phantom Wedge)phantom3 (Phantom Custom)pigalle (Pigalle)primo2 (Primo Custom)prototipo (X80 Proto)rallytruck (Dune)raptor (Raptor)ratbike (Rat Bike)ratloader2 (Rat-Truck)reaper (Reaper)rhapsody (Rhapsody)ruiner2 (Ruiner 2000)ruiner3 (Ruiner)rumpo3 (Rumpo Custom)ruston (Ruston)sabregt2 (Sabre Turbo Custom)sanctus (Sanctus)savage (Savage)schafter3 (Schafter V12)schafter4 (Schafter LWB)schafter5 (Schafter V12 (Armored))schafter6 (Schafter LWB (Armored))seashark3 (Seashark)seven70 (Seven-70)sheava (ETR1)shotaro (Shotaro)slamvan (Slamvan)slamvan2 (Lost Slamvan)slamvan3 (Slamvan Custom)sovereign (Sovereign)specter (Specter)specter2 (Specter Custom)speeder (Speeder)speeder2 (Speeder)stalion (Stallion)stalion2 (Burger Shot Stallion)submersible2 (Kraken)sultanrs (Sultan RS)supervolito (SuperVolito)supervolito2 (SuperVolito Carbon)swift (Swift)swift2 (Swift Deluxe)t20 (T20)tampa (Tampa)tampa2 (Drift Tampa)tampa3 (Weaponized Tampa)technical (Technical)technical2 (Technical Aqua)technical3 (Technical Custom)tempesta (Tempesta)thrust (Thrust)torero (Torero)tornado5 (Tornado Custom)tornado6 (Tornado Rat Rod)toro (Toro)toro2 (Toro)trailerlarge (Mobile Operations Center)trailersmall2 (Anti-Aircraft Trailer)trophytruck (Trophy Truck)trophytruck2 (Desert Raid)tropic2 (Tropic)tropos (Tropos Rallye)tug (Tug)turismo2 (Turismo Classic)turismor (Turismo R)tyrus (Tyrus)vagner (Vagner)valkyrie (Valkyrie)valkyrie2 (Valkyrie MOD.0)velum2 (Velum 5-Seater)verlierer2 (Verlierer)vestra (Vestra)vindicator (Vindicator)virgo (Virgo)virgo2 (Virgo Classic Custom)virgo3 (Virgo Classic)volatus (Volatus)voltic2 (Rocket Voltic)voodoo (Voodoo Custom)vortex (Vortex)warrener (Warrener)wastelander (Wastelander)windsor (Windsor)windsor2 (Windsor Drop)wolfsbane (Wolfsbane)xa21 (XA-21)xls (XLS)xls2 (XLS (Armored))youga2 (Youga Classic)zentorno (Zentorno)zombiea (Zombie Bobber)zombieb (Zombie Chopper)



I can try to make a list for base game unobtainable vehicles when I have more time.

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That'll do for now, thank you very much! I'll patiently await the next list. Take care, m80!

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Edit - nvm, whoops. I wouldn't know how to do this automatically, aside from just manually looking for obtainable vehicles.


The original Xbox popgroups.meta should help with naturally spawning vehicles, then there's the Enhanced Version which should just have added the Blista Compact, Dukes and Stallion.

Edited by ikt
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@ikt How is your list different from this one?
Also, this is not what he wants. He wants a list of all vehicles that are unobtainable in SP (like North Yankton police cars etc).

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Yeah. NY cars, DLC cars, basically every vehicle that can't be found in regular traffic population.

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