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PS3 boosting! (AWP)

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Looking for 3 guys, that finished the game ( so they have enough experience with the game ) and that will to friend themselves. Boosting for races, cannon ball runs, free races on Races and GTA races. Every guy wins one so we stay 4 times for every race-pick any supercar that you feel confortable with so you have the handling and speed to finish fast-for Team games every team wins one, i guess everyone that will want to boost has won at least 1dm match, about the coop missions-tell me of you done them, no need to re-do. We will do mafia work and cjc too. So looking for 3 decent guys, from europe( so we have the same time zone). If you really wonder my age i'm 15, the age does't matter. After i accept your requests we will work out a meeting hour, it wikk be ASAP. Ill be the host on all games because i have nat type 3 and can only host and can't join games, i'll invite you.

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Holy cow crap, my PSN is lagger009. , forgot to tell you that, sorry.

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Hi, do you still need help?

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Posted (edited)

Hi, do you still need help?

I'm boosting right now, the team games and some heli races are pending for me

Edited by xAirVVolfx

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