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Texture editing

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So I have been working with creating textures for pretty long.

But I still would class my self as a kinda beginner even if I started somewhere in the end of 2016. But the sake is that it's going forward. Anyway, here's some questions I'd need to know. (Must read the spoiler!):





1. When does it counts as HD?

I think it's about the pixels but if I have a 512 x 512 texture does 1024 pixels still fit there? And if so how do I check it in PS?


2. Why aren't real pictures used as much as scratch made ones?

Advantages and disadvantages?


3. Kinda hard to explain.

But for example: Say that I want to edit the fork lift textures. And there's squares for each fork lift texture parts.

They are pretty small so if I change the whole texture to like 1024 x 1024 it is still quite small. So can I just edit the parts squares and make them bigger will that work?


And also a similar question:

Forgot it at the moment xD. But will add it if it goes in mind again.


4. Resolution


So I was looking at a picture settings

and I saw resolution.

Do so have to use the resiloution that's alredy filled by PS?

Or should I increase it? Or will it just get a more bad picture quality?



5. Is the size of the texture important for quality?





Because I'm using big texture sizes even at small objects as I want to get as great quality as possible.

I have discovered that big ones works the best.



No rude comments thanks. Sorry if some text is messed or so. But I created this thread in a rush. I will update it as fast as possible though when it's day.

Edited by Davve95

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HD doesn't always mean better textures. I've seen "HD" textures that look absolutely terrible and unrealistic, yet i've made my own custom textures that are only 512x512 and they look pretty realistic. It all depends on how the texture fits in with the rest of the game.

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Anyone else?


Thanks for the reply btw!

Edited by Davve95

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On the contrary, real pictures are used for most textures and adapted to fill in the purpose, just make sure you take them yourself or that they aren't copyrighted resources.


Generally the higher the resolution of the texture the more detail there is, however beyond a certain resolution most users won't be able to see a higher pixelcount because their monitors can't display those pixels, generally smaller object have lower resolution textures as well as objects further away from the player (LOD's).

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1) In this case, usually anything bigger than the default is classed as "HD" by people, for example, if the original was 128x128, and you make a 256x256 or 512x512 texture instead, it's "HD", but in reality it's just a buzz word like "4K Assets", it's just higher texture quality.


2) Depends on where you look, real pictures are used, often edited though, many building types based on real buildings would photograph the building and then create textures instead to match that of the original to allow better creative direction over the texture (e.g. better tiling, design, maybe you want a different shade of colour, etc).


3) Hmm, tough way from the way you worded that but yes, often Models are made up to use various textures for different parts, you'd need to find out what the model is using and where if you want to increase the overall quality without getting texture crush (no mipmaps, etc)


4) Again, difficult word choice here but if you export a texture, it's usually best to keep the same attributes, so if you export 128x128, then use 256x256/512x512, and if it's exported as 128x64, then use 256x128/512x256, I hope this is what you meant. If you mean can you just UPSCALE the default texture and see better results in game then, usually not unless you work on filters and assets in places to increase some of the work included in the texture.


5) Usually yes, properly formatted textures, compression, etc, also play a part in it, what game are you going for? If it's the 3D era I personally wouldn't go over 512x512 for ingame objects as it starts to stand out too much from untouched assets then. RAGE era you can crank that all the way to 2048x2048 and still have it fit in fine.


As I said, tools are important here, work out what compression works best for the image, use a proper tool like Magic.TXD, play around with formats, see what mipmap style works best, etc, sometimes you can make a 512x512 texture look better ingame with proper scaled mipmapping and 16xAF compared to a 1024x1024 texture with no properties set.

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Always use feature Zoom with no Filter that always available in Softwares Graphics Editor, the way you can see the Intensity of their graphic damages on a certain scale and at a certain world distance, For as demonstaration is depend how you measure tecnique for their scale proportional in levels.

No need higher pixel more than 512 x for just as Interface Texture in ancient 3D games because of problems about their draw filters.

For another texture exepct it catogory, that's not complicated. Plus not by forcing the pixel that was initially 512 resized to 2048 without going through the proper editing process.

Mipmap can help you get results accordingly for draw in world 3D (mostly games use mipmaping, but mostly not for Interface Texture). Mipmap equal with create downscale image from scale original that can cost size files up to the initial graphic scale thought, such demonstaration zoom and depends combination AF.

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I guess I know everyhing now, that I needed to know

X-Falcon @ I'd put your as mark soloved aswell, but it's just room for one.

Thanks for the other replies aswell.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry for bumping my topic, but I have one more question (unnecessary to create a new topic)

But is it allowed to use IV textures and release here (for SA)

I have a lot of IV textures in my project that I'm planning about to release in the future.

Don't wanna get in trouble for just creating a mod for fun.

(I think I wont xD. Since it have to be a really big one and if even R* cares)

Almost forgot to mention, most of the IV textures (or at least some) is heavy edited or edited less.

Or just used as a base.

Edited by Davve95

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Yep, you can.

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