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link player to interior


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My tests show, that this opcode

04BB: select_interior [email protected]

actually changes player's interior, while this opcode

0860: link_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR to_interior [email protected]

does not change player's interior. Can somebody give a detailed answer to what does this opcode do? What is the reason 04BB does not have an actor argument while 0860 does?

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This is because if you select the interior it just puts you in a different "world"

While linking the actor makes you able to see and actually walk around the interior.


go to this site: http://weedarr.wikidot.com/interior


and use these interiors


and try different interior numbers and then use link actor.

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04BB: select_interior 0

Sets the visibility of an interior area.

0860: link_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR to_interior 6

This opcode sets the interior of the character. This is required when creating the character inside an interior or moving the character to another interior with a different number or else the character will become non-solid.

0566: link_object $2703 to_interior 1

By default, objects created through 0107 or 029B has their interior number set to 13, allowing it to be visible regardless of the current interior. This opcode allows you to change the object's interior number, allowing it to be visible in the specified interior.

Never worked with interiors before, but I wrote a script to test different possibilities.



{$CLEO}0000:// 1 = CJ will be teleported but no interior will be visible and no collision will occur so CJ will fall and die// 2 = CJ will be teleported and interior will be visible (select_interior), but there is no collision so CJ will fall// 3 = CJ will be teleported and collision will occur (link_actor), but interior will not be visible// 4 = CJ will be teleported, interior will be visible (select_interior) and collision will occur (link_actor):startwait 0if and0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined0ADC: test_cheat "START"jf @start04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0077E: get_active_interior_to [email protected]:loopwait 00AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "Press and hold 1, 2, 3 or 4." time 1if or0AB0: key_pressed 49 //10AB0: key_pressed 50 //20AB0: key_pressed 51 //30AB0: key_pressed 52 //4jf @loopif 8AB0: not key_pressed 49 //1jf @hereif 0AB0: key_pressed 50 //2then    04BB: select_interior 3    jump @hereendif 0AB0: key_pressed 51 //3then    0860: link_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR to_interior 3    jump @hereendif 0AB0: key_pressed 52 //4then    04BB: select_interior 3    0860: link_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR to_interior 3    jump @hereend:here03CB: set_rendering_origin_at -103.559165 -24.225606 1000.71875000A1: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at -103.559165 -24.225606 1000.718750wait 5000if 0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR definedthen    04BB: select_interior [email protected]    0860: link_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR to_interior [email protected]    03CB: set_rendering_origin_at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]    00A1: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]    :loop1wait 00AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "Release all keys." time 1if and8AB0: not key_pressed 49 //18AB0: not key_pressed 50 //28AB0: not key_pressed 51 //38AB0: not key_pressed 52 //4jf @loop1jump @start0A93: end_custom_thread


Edited by kosticn101
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Opcode 04BB: changes, applies, renders game level for the user.

game level, we also call it interior, is give by IPL.

Default game level is 0.

Opcode 0860: makes an actor available when game level has been changed.

Edited by ZAZ
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