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[PS4] Regulated Stock - Supers


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What is this?

An event (playlist) where you get to race a stock (not custom) car in the supers category.

You submit your win-loss race records and will be assigned a specifik car.

You will race the same car in all races.

You will also be teamed up with a teammate.

Both the assigned car and teammate will be done to match the "best" racers with the slower cars and less experienced racers. And since the less experienced racers will have the faster cars. No car will be used by more than one player.


If you sign up you will have to accept both the car and teammate assigned. It may not be fair and you may not like the car. This is intended to be a fun event, not a serious racing event.

All races will be different (Stunt, Street, GP, Ovals, High speed, Technical, Dirt, Off road..) and most will be non-contact.


Sign up (last day to sign up is july 28th)

Sign up by submitting your win-loss records, you can sign up here or at domesticbatterygaming.com leave your PSN id and send me a friendsrequest at PSN lann3fors

Assigned cars and teammates will be posted asap after july 28th.

Please have your RSC stats open if i feel the need to check your win-loss record.



For each race you get one point for participating and one point for every car you place in front of. The combined score of you and your teammate will be the team score.

Edited by lann3fors
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So far we have this lineup, welcome to join in!

Note that the cars and teams will change as soon as another player sign up!


Edited by lann3fors
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Stunt Bumble and Muscle Car Melee HD will both be non-contact. Escape the Police will be contact but not GTA. American Mile will be with catchup and slipstream ON.

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