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Rare Sandking XL


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First, want to say I am not sure if there is a topic to discuss these kind of things rather than making an entirely new topic so sorry if there is, it can be merged into there.


So, I turned my camera around from the Los Santos Customs across the street and this was sitting in that parking lot. I have never actually seen that rare blue Sandking XL people talk about in game myself so I can't be certain, but is this it? I made it one of my personal vehicle's just in case it is.





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Yeah there is a big discussion thread about these npc modified vehicle here:



Anyway these Sandking XL's are pretty easy way to make quick pocket money. Just load up a noon-time locked mission (eg. Time To Get Away) and farm away and sell them whenever you have the chance.

There's also a yellow version which sells a bit less than this blue one.

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Suq Maddiq

That sandking is bit rarer then another one you can spawn it easy it spawns 100% from 9 am to 4pm if you have regular sandking xl you can go near by where farm bunker is and go back to lsc and it will spawn either yellow or blue,blue is bit rarer.That's how i farm selling cars each day 17.5k to 18.5k.

Edited by Qaziush
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thats not really that rare, but it is the 2nd most selling free car u can store or sell

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Suq Maddiq

Double posted sorry.

Edited by Qaziush
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i filled all my free spots i had with sandkings, both styles, then replaced the yellow ones for the blue then eventually replaced all them with dubstas 2,

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