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GTA VC Challenge by MrMateczko


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I'm a long time fan of the Badinfos' channel. He does user submitted challenges in GTA games. I've decided to came up with my own for VC which is more complex than the ones he do usually and thought to post it here for all to enjoy.

I haven't done it yet, but will try. Also, huge thanks to everyone who did challenges here at GTAF before and elsewhere. Especially the GTA III Ultimate Challenge and the GTA VC Ultimate Challenge.


As with all challenges, you can't get busted or wasted :)


Throughout the whole challenge, you can't pick up any armor, even from the Enforcer. You CAN ONLY use health pickups and food stands if they doesn't break the rules. Pizzaboy, prostitutes and Ambulances are not allowed.

No weapon pickups/Ammu-Nation/Police Car shotgun/weapons from dead people are allowed. The only weapon you can pick up/obtain is in step 5. This does not apply to weapons given to you in Rampages. You can also use your fists, no Brass Knuckles though.


1. Start a new game. (from a fresh game start)

2. Earn money to buy the Hyman Condo savehouse in less than 15 minutes ($14 000). You CANNOT use Cone Crazy. Any other methods are allowed within rules. Time starts as soon as you gain control of Tommy. You can't enter Mainland.

3. Only after you have enough money, enter Mainland and buy the Hyman Condo safehouse. (you can't save and load, obviously :))

4. Use the helicopter on top of the safe house to fly to the Army Base.

5. Steal the M60 from the Army Base.

6. Obtain 4 star wanted level in less than 5 minutes. Timer starts when you pick up the M60. You can't have any wanted level before you pick it up. You can't steal/drive any vehicles in this step, and also you can't decrease your wanted from now on.

7. After you have 4 stars, steal a Regina, you still can't steal/drive any other vehicles, you must steal it on foot.

8. Drive with the Regina to the dirt track on the north side of Mainland. Push the Sanchez from its initial position with the Regina, so that it can't activate the mission. If you destroy the Regina, the challenge is over, you can't steal another one, even if it destroys before Tommy fully enters it. :)

9. Enter the Sanchez, (you can't fall from on it from now on until it is allowed) and drive three laps around the course like you would on the Trial by Dirt mission.

10. Drive the Sanchez to the Coastguard boat, now you can get out of this bike and enter the boat.

11. Land with the boat wherever you want on the Beach Island. Exit the boat.

12. Going on foot (you still can't steal/drive any vehicles) steal the PCJ 600 that starts the PCJ Playground mission, pushing it so that it doesn't active said mission.

13. Do the one and only Unique Stunt Jump on Prawn Island with it. You can't fall of the bike/get out of it on the way to it.

14. Enter Mainland again, but this time using the Packer on the Film Studio and PCJ 600 you have.

15. Once you are on the Mainland, get out of the PCJ 600. Going on foot, buy the Skumole Shack safe house. You can't steal/drive any vehicles in this step. If you don't have the money, tough luck, try to get it somehow within the rules :)

16. Save in the Skumole Shack to complete the challenge!


EDIT 20.07.2017r. - Thanks Parik for finding the logical error with the first draft of the challenge, it has now been modified, it should be more interesting now...and harder of course :) And possibly without any logical errors this time :)

Edited by MrMateczko
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Urban Legends

What glitches are you talking about? I have 3 pretty easy ways getting across without one. 18 minutes huh? Well see :)

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I've collectively called all the methods to getting to Mainland glitches.

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Urban Legends

First attempt: Failure


Highest media attention - 94 - page no.7 of the local paper described me as "Nobody Special" - 33


Total police spending $36000

Total cash on-hand $8684



Second attempt: Failure


Highest media attention - 118 - Front page of local paper says he was a Pickpocket with over $11,000.00 USD on him at the time of arrest! His bail is currently set at $100


Total police spending: $66,669.00



Third attempt: Failure


$14,010 at about 17 minutes. No wanted level. 100 health. No ammunition or weapons. The mission timer has gone off so we are heading Downtown baby!


To be continued...


As of now the Vice Courier front page says we have a Clepto(216) on the loose! Damage in excess of nine thousand dollars accompanied by a police expenditure of $80k. Highest media attention - 206 - VCN News reporting.




"Clepto maniac gunned down at local Army base" suspect was carrying an M4 rifle but his intentions are not known at this time as he did not fire a single shot.

Edited by Urban Legends
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Tried Twice , tired now ,will try again tomorrow.


Attempt 1


1) [1:33] Went to the beach to do the kill 30 gangsters rampage

2) [2:42] Got the Firetruck to do the firetruck mission

3) [10:08] How far you going m8?

4) [12:02] Earned $14300

5) [--:--] Plan: Jump on the boat here and get to second island

6) [--:--] Failed, Wasted


Attempt 2


1) [1:55] Same Method as the first , get a firetruck.

2) [10:26] Earned $14300

3) [--:--] Plan , Peir 2 jump over the door.

4) [--:--] Park mah boat

5) [--:--] Got Hyman Condo

6) [--:--] Mah great Flying skills.

7) [--:--] I'm in

8) [--:--] What? I thought there was M60 here :cry:

9) [--:--] Run!!! RIP



Also I just re-read the OP , its not mentioned that you can't die in the challenge. Maybe if I get wasted next time , I'll retry. :p. Is it?

Edited by Parik



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Every challenge assumes you don't get wasted or busted, otherwise, what's the point of it? :)

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8. Drive the Sanchez from Trial by Dirt to the Coastguard boat and land wherever you want on the Beach Island with it. You can't fall of the bike even once.


Which coastguard boat are you talking about? I don't remember there being one in VC.

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I've got a problem with this. It is said that after Step 6 we are not allowed to lose the wanted level.

However , I was trying out Trial by Dirt with 4 star wanted level , and after I completed it , the wanted level vanished.










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Well, you've found a problem with my challenge. That's what you get if you don't actually try to attempt it :)


I guess you can actually push the Sanchez out of the mission start point, and drive the course without activating the mission. No falling of the bike of course even once.


I've modified the challenge, it should be good now.

Edited by MrMateczko
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Urban Legends

Make a better challenge please :) I have to say that achieving that money as yoy asked is a bit a difficult and can only be done a number of ways so so so so so so so it seems you have to go the way of bank robber or firefighter so maybe go along the lines of that

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I simply wanted to create a challenge that starts at the beginning of the game. There's only so many ideas you can have without a save file.

Also, I was just bored when making up this challenge. How about you try challenge writing skills, it's not that easy :)

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  • 1 year later...

Regarding step 14 - there does not seem to be any way to get the Packer out of the film studios, as all the gates are locked at the start of the game...

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 6/1/2019 at 10:42 PM, Crazy4Games said:

Regarding step 14 - there does not seem to be any way to get the Packer out of the film studios, as all the gates are locked at the start of the game...


You don't take it out of the film studio, you position it to use as a ramp to launch out of the film studio, over the wall and onto the bridge :)

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