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NPC's don't drop their weapons


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I've used a CLEO script yesterday that has spawned some more graffiti spray cans in the world for CJ to pickup. Ever since then NPC's are dropping neither their carried weapon nor any money when killed. World items still appear at their usual spawns and can be collected normally though.


Anyone here able to come up with an explanation? If it's of any help, I'm using Project 2DFX, which comes with an Limit Adjuster.



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lil weasel

When modifying code it is possible for unexpected results to occur. Choices are to remove the mod, remove all mods and reinstall in a different order. Or not use it at all.



There seems to be the continuing and unfortunate misunderstanding that this part (GTA San Andreas) has modding as a feature.

Take Note (as in this section forums rules) That MODDING has its OWN specialized section.

The GTA San Andreas Menu “Subforums” even lists it as: GTA Mods.

Here, again are the basic links:


WELCOME to the San Andreas forum!

<Click Here> Before you post Rules

<click here> For Modding Problems and Questions:

Modding <click here> Requests

<click here> for Mobile Modding.

Modding <click here> Showroom has already made mods.

And <click here> the GTA GARAGE Mod site

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